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Wordless Wednesday

San Antonio Trip 2011

J and I went to San Antonio this weekend for a nic getaway. We stayed at the Menger Hotel, the hotel where Teddy Roosevelt rounded up the Rough Riders. It is said to be haunted by many ghosts, his included. Didn't see any, but here are some photos I took along the way. We had a wonderful time together. Can't wait to go away on our next excursion, possibly to Austin.

The Menger Bar - one of the most popular historic bars in the U.S.

Beautiful Cherrywood!

The Menger as it looks today:

The Menger as it looked years ago:

Bug candy in the gift shop: larvae, crickets, and ants

Telephone booths
J and I at Mi Tierra Cafe and Bakery

House Phones in the Lobby

The View from Our Balcony

Which way to Room 5125?

Me, anxiously waiting for J to say we are on our way to S.A.!!

Thank you, baby, for a wonderful trip I will always remember. Sorry I spilt Diet Dr. Pepper all over the place, including your shoes. The Menger Bar was wonderful and relaxing. The cab rides were fun. Thank you for going to the River Center Mall with me to Primarily Purple. I know it was torture for you. The trip to Gruene was short but sweet. Thank you for the earrings, the keyring and the new traveling hat you picked out especially for me. And, of course, thank you for stopping by San Marcos and Martindale, my favorite places in the entire world, even if they make me cry. I hope our retirement dream comes true one day!



P.S. You look beautiful in your purple polo!

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