Monday, January 16, 2012

Anothe Day Off

I guess 17 days off should have been enough, but, boy, was I happy that we got off for MLK Day! I needed it. I know most of you probably think my life is boring; well, it sometimes is. Here are some things that have recently happened in my life:

1. I have been watching Chopped religiously and trying to make new things from scratch. I have had some successes and a few failures in that area. When J and I ate shrimp and cheese grits in Gruene last month, I took a mental note of how they tasted and tried to recreate the dish on my own. It tasted great, albeit it needed more salt. I must say that the presentation was awesome. J took a picture of it on her phone, but it wouldn't forward to e-mail or text. Dang.

2. I have been learning about my Kindle Fire and what it can do, which I admit has gotten me in a bit of trouble. I have started playing Words with Friends, downloaded games, a scanner and a radio app, and today I downloaded my first book, The Hunger Games. I can already tell that I will be reading a lot more with my Kindle. I love the lightweight feel of it in my hand and not having to turn each page. Love the multi-tasking. Today, I actually played Pinball while getting a pedicure at the same time! I also downloaded some magazines, The Writer and Curve.

3. I have decided that if I don't have a teaching job for next year, I would like to work with the elderly in some way. I came to this realization after spending time with my 95-yr-old grandmother and her friends every other weekend. I don't feel that my job is secure due to enrollment issues for next year, so I must be prepared.

4. I am leaving work tomorrow at 10 a.m. to be with my daughter as she battles for financial aid.

5. I watched a total of 15 minutes of Sunday's Texans game; I couldn't take the stress of it all.

6. I reorganized the kitchen yesterday; it was getting out of hand. Now we can find all the lids to the tupperware containers and styrofoam cups don't fall on my head when I open the cabinet door to get a recipe.

7. Only one person has rsvp'ed for game night, AGAIN, but I am going to keep trying. Maybe we should switch to another night.

8. J started a new paralegal job last week (yay), but this week started with a migraine today (ouch).

Only two months to spring break! Hope you all have a fantastic week!