Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Two Years Ago

Two years ago yesterday, March 1st, J an I had our commitment ceremony in Vegas. Doesn't seem so long ago. We are celebrating with free tickets to the rodeo Thursday night to see Sugarland.

Life is treating us well right now. We are about to overcome a major financial hurdle this month so we will be able to take some more trips in the future, one being to San Antonio in April.

I am attempting to play slow pitch softball. Not sure how much help I am to my team mates since I am so out of shape. I was surprised to get so many base hits in practice this past weekend, and they put me at first base. That made me feel better.

I am still doing Weight Watchers, and while I can't say I am enjoying it, the pounds are starting to come off. I am walking in the AIDS Walk 2011 for the first time on March 13th and exceeded my $300 goal so I am pumped about that.

Saturday my grandmother may come to our church for a pasta dinner. I haven't told her yet that it's a gay church (kind of slipped my mind). Don't ya think I should warn her? I will spring that on her tonight or tomorrow to give her a chance to back out.

I continue to be a disappointment to my dad and all the other members of my family.

Still trying to find the time to finish my book. Life is getting busy and I like that. Less time to mope and complain about missing the girls so much it hurts. But my life must go on...

Well, that's it for now.


LL Cool Joe said...

So what is a gay church? Sorry if I sound thick.

B said...

Joey > perhaps I should have rephrased that; I'm at work and trying to write quickly. Our Methodist church is 99.9 % LGBT. During the service, it is not uncommon to see couples holding hands, arms around each other, etc. Not sure how my 94-yr-old gma will react to it, but I hope just fine!

LL Cool Joe said...

Ah ok, sounds like a very modern methodist church! Hope you grandma is ok with it!

Thanks for explaining!