Monday, September 5, 2011

I Made It Through

I made it through three days of camping with 33 kids. It was really a blast once I was told I could have brought caffeine (diet coke) with me. A lady drove me up to the conference center and I raided the vending machine.

While I can't tell you much about the trip for privacy reasons, I will tell you that I shot a bow and arrow for the first time and actually held a 6-ft black rat snake in my hand. Next year (if I am still working there), I plan to tackle the rock wall.

This Labor Day weekend has gone way too fast, but I have had some time with my baby so I am happy about that. I hope everyone out there is relaxing today, not working, although I am working on a lesson I must give on Wednesday and trying to coax the printer to print just one more page before having to replace an ink cartridge.


Maria said...

If I had to camp with 33 kids, I would be a blathering idiot. If I had to camp with THREE kids, I would also be a blathering idiot.

e said...

Thank heavens for caffeine!

midlifenatalie said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. It's been a bit crazy I must say, but I've enjoyed it for the most part.

As far as camping it! But I think I agree with Maria about the 33 kids. Scary! I could handle 3 though. Shoot...I could handle 7. If necessary. And if there was alcohol involved. I'm just saying...

Are you guys still going to/back at Bering? I've thought about going back.

LL Cool Joe said...

In my younger years I have camped with a large group of kids and although it was exhausting, it was fun!

Well done!