Saturday, April 7, 2012

Yippee! We Got a Scale!

Trying to look at it as a positive addition to the household. I have never weighed this much in my whole life and am really feeling bad about it. One of my best excuses for not losing weight is that if I do, I will have the rolls of skin to deal with, especially on my chin and neck. I can tuck belly skin in if I need to, but everyone is going to see my face.

Don't have the funds for Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem. I lost all my baby weight with Nutrisystem after each pregnancy. Weight Watchers didn't work well for me and J doesn't do well with South Beach, so here's my plan. I have four Lean Cuisines left. After those are eaten, I plan to cut out white flour and use whole grain for my grains (taken from South Beach). I plan to eat a protein and a salad with each meal. I get so tired of salads, so I am just going to try to make very small ones. If I absolutely crave a starch with my meal, I will eat brown rice or sweet potatoes. I plan to go to Whole Foods today to look for Kashi that I can cook up for a change. I plan to drink 4 bottles of water each day minimum - 1 when I awake, 1 by noon, 1 by five, and 1 by bedtime. I am going to cut my diet soda in at least half by making crystal light. I used to drink CL for my water, but it tore up my stomach. No sweets or desserts of any kind. So I guess you could say that it is high protein, low carb, like SB but without the first two weeks of withdrawal (which I always hated but did flatten up the stomach somewhat. But my stomach is so big now, that I hardly think I would notice the difference.)

On Saturdays I will record my weight on my newly printed calendar and every other Saturday J will measure me with my new, pink measuring tape we bought at Target yesterday. I am going to post my weight and measurements on the refrigerator door as a reminder.

On the exercise part of it, I plan to do couch to 5K at least four days a week. Still trying to figure out which days. I want to do Joyce Vidal's fat burning workout but I don't have a flat weight bench so I have to skip so many of the exercises in there that it hardly seems worth it. I am on the lookout for an old piano bench at a thrift store.

Anything I have left out?


e said...

Good for you for tackling it. I'm in the same boat.

My work is offering Weight Watchers for free, so I'm doing that. The main thing is, of course, eating less and exercising more. We know this! And we can do it!

Maria said...

Nope. Sounds like you have it covered. I am tired just reading this!