Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Too Much to Talk About

Chris Botti was wonderful, as usual. We got in huge traffic jam on the way to Galveston, barely making it into the theater before the show started. I told J was should have been later because...

about 45 minutes into the show, a man and his wife came into the theater. Chris Botti stopped the show and said, "You're late!" The man said that he and his wife had a 2 1/2 hr drive from Orange, plus there was a 90-minute ferry wait. I believe it because I saw the ferry sign.

Chris Botti told them he would give them free tickets to his show anywhere. He also started from the beginning and played a few bars from each song he had already played. That's classy.

On the way back to H-town, we saw his black Lexus fly by, going about 90, towards the airport. I'm such a groupie.

We are still contemplating moving out of here. In my next post, I'm going to try to list the positives and negatives to help make a decision. Wish I had time to now, but I don't.

K21 got engaged on Christmas Eve and is getting married on the stage in the theater where she "met" her future husband while they were playing love interests in Fiddler on the Roof. Her marriage is in November.

Last Saturday, K24 was proposed to at sunrise on the beach in Surfside. Her wedding is in January.

Can you say wedding brain?

One of my pet peeves is people on Facebook who are constantly ranting about stuff. I'm not just talking about politics. I'm not talking about family illnesses or deaths or pets missing. I'm talking about being wronged by companies, sitting in waiting rooms, technology not working, cant' find this, can't find that. I'm not talking about once in awhile. I"m talking about that's the only thing they ever post.

So I've unfollowed a few friends, no unfriended. Sometimes I just can't take all the negativity, especially in such huge doses. When I get in a certain mindset, I go over to their pages, just to make sure I haven't missed something traumatic in their lives, like the death of a loved one, etc.

What I find is that I did the right thing by unfollowing them. They haven't changed. I used to post some negative stuff; now I'm trying not to. Why should my friends have to hear that crap? Ever since I saw Deepak Chopra, my mind is craving the positive.

Oh, and we saw James Van Praagh last week, too. Outstanding. Wish I could tell you about him but J and I have a date night at Luby's. Gotta run.



e said...

I totally agree about the negativity on FB. I have also unfollowed friends who are too extremely political or religious. I can't have all that angst. Intelligent points of view and rational discussion are great, but not the shouting rants.

Glad the concert was so good! And two kids engaged! Wow!

Maria said...

Oh, dear. I have to be honest about Deepak. He makes me sleepy.

But,negativity is a very bad hard habit to break and looking for the good in a bad situation is a very good goal.