Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hey,We're Back!

It's good to be back! J and I haven't had a working computer in weeks, and I had to have a second ta ta surgey, which I am still recuperating from. Today is J's birthday! Happy birthday, my love! Now you are as old as I am!
We had to cancel her birthday party because I am not feeling well, and she has to work today and tomorrow because they are going to trial next week!
Man, there's so much to tell you guys, but I think today I will just relax and catch up on your blogs!
Ta Ta for now!


Anonymous said...
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This Mom said...

Happy Belated Birthday to J! I can understand not having a computer that works and what you have to catch up on when that happens. I hope that you are feeling better every day and I'm looking forward to reading more when you are up to writing.