Thursday, September 16, 2010


You almost didn't
Come home to me.
You almost weren't
And in my life
So remember
When I tell you this:
I am thankful for
Seat belts
A car of steel
Side air bags
And a God
Who thought enough of me
To give me one more
Blessed and precious day
With you.

All my love, sweetheart,


greg said...

Thank goodness she's ok - that's something that worries me every day. It's important to be grateful b/c you just never know...

LL Cool Joe said...

Glad she's ok too. :)

This Mom said...

Being faced with the knowledge that we could lose the ones we love is terrifying. I'm so glad for you that you only had to ponder the thought and not the reality.

RiverPoet said...

I'm so glad she's okay!

Says a lot for the Mustang that she was able to walk away from such a serious crash.

I'm glad for you both to keep having one day after another together.

Hugs - D