Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Wonderful Day

Well, yesterday was our first day trip, ever, I believe! I had a great time. Hope J did, too. First we drove to the Windy Winery. Not exactly what the two of us expected. It was in the middle of nowhere. We followed a gravel road for miles and miles. It felt like we were driving on someone's property. We arrived at the winery at 11:00 a.m., exactly when it "opened."

It is owned by an older man and his wife. There's a house and a little building next to it, the winery, I suppose. We went inside and were greeted by blasting Christmas music. The man barely looked at us and neither did the woman. The man just mumbled at us while he attempted to open some wine bottles and cut his hand, so the wifey took over. Come to find out, the bottles were for us. The man went in the back room. I could see him putting a band-aid on his hand. He read a book the rest of the time we were there. Am wondering if it was the Bible.

Both were obviously uncomfortable with lesbian couples, but at least the woman talked to us about the wine.

We did our $5 wine tasting of five different wines and bought the obligatory two bottles of wine for our Christmas party and left. The entire experience took 19 minutes and that was including my photo taking of the amazing wine bottle Christmas tree below.

After leaving the winery, we proceeded to look for downtown Brenham. A bit of an argument started due to my inability to read a map with the letters the size of a grain of salt. We got past it, of course, found the downtown area, and did some shopping. It was nice to see J shopping!!!! It's her least favorite thing. It ranks right up there with cooking.
Next we ate at the Brenham Grill which is inside the Ant Street Inn (I kept calling it the Anthill Inn), an old hotel which is categorized as a Bed & Breakfast. J would never stay in one of those, but this one had private baths. The rooms were beautiful and there were a couple in our price range, so we might just go back there sometime and stay. This is a photo I took of J at our table. I love it because it has the Texas flag in the background and she looks like she is having a good time.

After lunch, we headed to the Monastery of St. Claire. Four bucks each to go into a barn to see a one-week-old miniature horse. This experience took all of ten minutes, but, hey, the money went to a good cause!
So we were done for the day around 2:00 p.m. and headed back toward H-Town. We stopped at the Ford place to look at Mustangs for J and Fiestas/Focuses for me. Then we went to the Honda place to look at Fits for me.
We went home for awhile so I could do some work and then ended our evening at Pappasito's for dinner. We did not watch the entire UT game. It sucked. Baby, I had such a wonderful time (except for the argument). Can't wait for our next day trip!
Today I went back to buy a gray tweed hat I had seen the other day, but someone had already bought it. I ended up with this gray fedora.
And just because I couldn't make up my mind - I also bought this purple/black plaid one that I plan to wear on Thanksgiving with my purple sweater. I wish the picture was better. It is a great hat and my favorite color, too!

I am so in love with my girl. It's nice to have something to write about again!

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