Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"D" is for Dorm

I couldn't wait until fall of 1981. That is when you and I moved in together at college. We had been apart for exactly one year. Now we would no longer have to write letters every day and schedule one ten-minute long distance phone call per week. Wow, wouldn't things have been totally different if we had had e-mail and cell phones? I had already lived on campus for a year, so I enjoyed showing you around when you got there. Setting up our first door room (Room 212, wasn't it?) was a blast (your countless number of frogs on one side, my countless number of rainbows on the other). We positioned our twin beds with the heads together in a corner, but somehow we ended up squashed together every night in one tiny bed. We were so happy in our little dorm room of heaven. We were in the dark a lot, as I remember, because we were afraid of casting any shadows into the parking lot below. We cooked mushrooms in the bottom of the popcorn popper and drank pink Champale that tasted disgusting. Remember when the girl next door went "home" on Friday and left her record album playing? It continued playing the entire weekend. We literally experienced a "broken record." Can't believe I don't remember the artist. During our first semester we "thought" we had been caught by a friend in a compromising position when she walked in our room without knocking. Being found out could get us kicked out of college. We soon began looking for another dorm. The second semester we moved across the street into the roach dorm. We tried everything to get rid of those roaches, foggers, sprays and roach motels. Once we even put a slice of pizza in a corner hoping that all the roaches would just congregate over there. LOL That lasted about two weeks. Then we moved up the hill to the dorm with the shared shower. It was the best kept lesbian secret on campus, I bet. That was also the dorm where the girl next door played her music so loudly that things were falling off our dressers. And it was also the dorm where one night we decided to break up for good. You went to "your bed" and I went to "mine." This breakup lasted a whole 30 minutes. How I miss the days when we couldn't stay away from each other for any length of time. Three dorms in one year. Wow. When we finally moved out of the dorm after our first year together in college, we achieved the privacy we wanted. We moved into the dumpy trailer of our dreams. More privacy and space was wonderful, but I will never forget our simple life in the dorms. We were truly happy.

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greg said...

This was such a sweet read. I love the old stories of your time together.