Sunday, May 22, 2011

More Ups Than Downs!

There are so many things to report, I don't know where to start.

UP - K17 graduated from high school yesterday and she has some college credits under her belt.

DOWN - My ex's sister and her living-in-sin boyfriend came down from Arkansas as a surprise. I was a nervous wreck seeing her for the first time since the split. We used to be really close.

UP - She and I talked a bit and it wasn't so bad after all. She always got along with everyone in my family and I think she was actually enjoying herself until the next thing happened.

MAJOR DOWN - The twelve of us were eating at Carraba's when my maternal grandmother had an episode. My mom who is a nurse and another customer in the restaurant couldn't find a pulse. Grandma looked like she was gone. Her eyes were open and she wasn't responding to anything. 911 was called.

UP - She finally came to after the paramedics arrived.

MAJOR UP - K17 freaked out when it happened. Instead of grabbing her dad sitting at her left, she turned to me and literally fell into my arms. I held her and told her not to look. She wanted me to hold and console her. She chose me! Me! In the midst of a nightmare, I was smiling inside. The rapture was supposed to have happened 15 minutes before, but she told me this was "worse than the end of the world." She told me to take her outside and she just kept holding on to me, sobbing.

DOWN - As soon as we got outside on the porch of the restaurant, she started frantically dialing her phone saying, "Pick up! Pick up!" I asked, "Who are you calling?" I should have known. She was calling her other "mom." She said, "I need her to pray!" Thankfully, the lady didn't pick up the phone, so I held K17 and prayed for my grandma.

UP - The paramedics arrived very quickly. Grandma was taken to the hospital and is stable. She may get out today or tomorrow.

UP - I apologized to K17. I told her I'm sorry that my prayer wasn't that great; I was just upset. I knew her "mom" would have said a fabulous prayer. She said, "It's totally fine. You can never go wrong with a prayer, Mommy. You were there for me and that's what matters." :o)

UP - My ex's sister thought enough to get my purse out of the restaurant and bring it to me. A friendly gesture I wasn't expecting.

MAJOR UP - I was offered a job!!! A few things have to happen in order for it to be a reality, so more about that later.

And one more UP - My girls want to go to Galveston with me on June 3rd.

Final double header today. Hoping I don't fall again. May start with a new league in June.

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Anonymous said...

Those are some huge ups! Congratulations on the job & I hope your grandmother gets well quickly.