Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Some Things You Never Forget

Some things you never forget. Do you remember the first time you ever sent or received a text message? I do. It was about five years ago. I was in a restaurant with my family and I texted to my brother, "This is my first text message." How original. He replied, "Isn't it cool?"

What about your first phone call? Do you remember that? I don't specifically remember the first call but I remember when I was about three years old. In the hallway of our house we had a phone "shelf" that held an old rotary phone, black and ugly. There wasn't a chair to sit in. I have memories of standing in that hallway in my footie pajamas with the phone up to my ear, not sure which way to hold the receiver. I remember hearing my grandpa on the other end saying, "Hello. Hello." and my parents saying, "Say something to your grandpa." A few years later, I actually understood what a phone was for. I would talk to "Santa" on the other end and tell him everything I wanted for Christmas.

I can't imagine now having to tie myself down to one room, not being able to carry a cordless phone around. Heck, I can't even imagine going anywhere in the world without my cell phone.

What's your first memory of the telephone?

Doris, your the one who inspired this post when you were posting about the size of old cordless phones. LOL


RiverPoet said...

Oh boy, do I remember those ugly, black phones! It cost more to get one in another color! I used to envy people who had the pink or aqua phones, especially the princess phones. They were so much prettier. I had a little pink, princess play phone that I would order all kinds of clothes on. LOL - now I do that on the Internet!

Yes, I can't imagine life without my cell phone, but my home phone is mostly only used for work, otherwise it would sit idle most of the time. The extent of my phone conversations with friends around here is just to set up a time and place to get together. It's so much better in person.

For the life of me, I can't remember what all we used to talk about on the phone. I would be on the phone with Lori, Lisa, Tina, you, Donna...the list goes on. My parents mostly had a phone, I think, for me!

Hugs - D

LL Cool Joe said...

I've never sent a text, so I have no memory of that! Actually I have no memory at all about the first time I used a phone. :D

I don't have a mobile either. Can you tell I have a phone phobia? ;)