Sunday, July 10, 2011

Time for an Update

We have both been sick here for awhile. I was supposed to play softball today with the lesbian softball team but I am trying to get over this bronchitis. I have three more weeks at my job and then a few days off before I start at the school. I have lots of anxiety about both, but I know things will be fine once I actually start. I have a lot of studying to do before I start, which I keep putting off.

My replacement came from four choices: 1) a flight attendant who wants to change careers; 2) someone convicted of a felony, currently on appeal; 3) a recent college graduate who has no idea what she wants to do with her life; or 4) a woman who just got laid off who found the description of my position to be "overwhelming." Why should I care? Well, I have to train my replacement, so it matters to me. (He went with the flight attendant).

My girls and I are talking and I may see my youngest next weekend. Also, my grandma from Florida has officially moved here so I have both 90+ year old grandmas within an hour's distance from me. We may go get both of them next week and bring them here for dinner and to visit our apartment. Wish us luck!

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LL Cool Joe said...

Good luck with that then! You are brave. :D