Monday, November 21, 2011

Please Throw Me Some Balls!

To the cashier at the grocery store yesterday: I got over the fact that you ripped the bottle of wine right out of my hand and exclaimed, "You can't buy that before noon!" And I am happy to say that none of my eggs were broken after you slammed the 6-pack of Cokes on top of them. Neener neener. Be glad I didn't report you.

I was so angry yesterday at the store, I had to call J and ask her to calm me down. The last time I remember being angry in public was at the same grocery chain, different location. The cashier thought J and I were trying to steal some 2-liter diet sodas and it was downhill after that. I know there is a blog post about this somewhere. We really should have reported the jerk. What keeps me from reporting people ? I always want to give people the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe they are having a bad day.

It's not like I don't have time to go to the manager, although my cold groceries might suffer. I simply do not like confrontations. Okay. Truth. I am AFRAID of confrontations. I think this is something I need to conquer. I am feeling the urge to write to the store after the fact. Will it do any good? Probably not, but I think it might make me feel better.

The only time I remember getting vocally angry in a store was when I was at Circuit City for the umpteenth time, trying to get them to help me with the piece of crap they sold me; they called it a computer. Me and a friend of mine stood at the entrance of customer service at the front of the store, and as people walked in, I said to them, "You don't want to buy anything here!!!" If my friend had not been with me, I wouldn't have done it. I need balls. How do I get them??

Today I was supposed to come in for an hour or so to train the replacement for my replacement (that's another blog entry altogether). The girl called in sick, and I ended up staying the whole day. This was supposed to be my vacation. I was supposed to have gone to get bloodwork today. And now I have been informed by my ex-boss that I need to come in tomorrow to train the girl. It's her fourth day of work and she has managed to be present 1 1/2 days so far. Why can't I just say to him, "You know, this is my vacation. I really hadn't planned to come in this week at all. If she had come in all three days last week like she was supposed to, she would have been almost completely trained by now." I need balls!

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