Friday, December 30, 2011

We're Back

You guys saw photos of the cottage we stayed in. It was adorable. Next time, though, we will be sure to get one with a standing shower, not a handheld shower. There IS a difference!

This first two photos were taken on the front porch of the cottage.

This is us with my old college roommate, the one who kept me in line while I was away from J for a year. If you're ever in San Marcos, Texas, you must stop at Grin's for a burger!

This is me with our high school band director. She taught me the love of music and was one of the best marching band directors in the south, I believe, probably the country. This picture was taken in historic Gruene, Texas. A visit to the Gristmill Restaurant on the Guadalupe River is an absolute must. I loved my Rainbow Trout!

J and I wish you a happy and healthy 2012!


Anonymous said...

Same to you!!! May all your days be as good as the last few!

This Mom said...

It looks like you had a great trip. Happy New Year to you and J!

e said...

Are you super tall, or is your band director the tiniest woman ever?


Maria said...

My partner used to be a marching band director and she says that one has to love music and teenagers because you get overloaded up from day one.

Sounds like a fun vacation!