Sunday, December 4, 2011

In Public

J and I went to our first Houston Texans game today and it was great! She won the tickets at work; they were on field level. It was fantastic because the Texans won again; they are in first place for the first time in franchise history. But something else made the day even greater.

The seats were so close together that sitting in our seats with our hands in our laps was basically out of the question, so she spent most of the game with her arm around me - in public!!! You probably think nothing of this, but let me tell you that J NEVER shows public displays of affection - EVER!

While we were sitting there, I went back in time. In the 1980's, even if our seats had been so close together, she would have found a way to have not put her arm around me, even if it killed her. We were that scared to be found out. She would not have, like she did today, grabbed on to me in the crowd to keep us from getting separated. If she would have been caught doing either of the above, we would have been sent home from high school or possibly kicked out of the college dorm. It just wasn't acceptable.

Today, I looked at the people beside us and behind us, and they were all grinning. They were having a good time; they could have cared less that we were obviously a couple. I love living life with J in the year 2011!


LL Cool Joe said...

Nice to think things are beginning to change!

This Mom said...

This post has left a huge smile on my face. Shell and I have held hands, kissed, hugged, and put our arms around each other in public countless times since we've been together, but I notice every single one. None are taken for granted. I hope they become more frequent for you. :)

Maria said...

I think that Nebraska is a bit behind. If Bing did that to me at a football game? It would probably be okay, but there would be a lot of angry stares.