Monday, September 8, 2014

They love each other

Who knew having two dogs could be so much fun. They are actually getting along. Now if we could just get Finn to go into the room where the potty pads are, we could leave him out 24/7.

Finn is so cute. Each time we step off the elevator, he turns to the right and admires himself in the mirror in the lobby.

On the way back from our morning walk today, I kept hearing click, click, click on the floor of the parking garage. Then it would stop and then start again. Finn had a rock in his mouth about the size of a quarter. He would drop or spit it out and it would bounce, and then he would go pick it up and repeat.

Got a lot of writing done this weekend despite the two women behind me in the library talking loudly about the ancestry of the Carter family. After 20 minutes or so of listening to the researcher's questions, I abandoned my novel and worked on my outline and checked the consistency of dates, etc. I estimate I only have about three more full chapters to write before I can really start tying everything up and editing. What does that mean?

It means I need to come up with some dinero for self-publishing. Not looking forward to that part of it. I'm looking forward to the book publishing party and celebrating a project completed. There probably won't really be a signing as it will probably be an e-book, but you never know. I just want it done so I can move on with my next one. Thought I had a new title but did a web search and there is already a book by that name. Ugh.

Enjoyed Unity yesterday and lunch with some new friends. Picked up our framed autographed Wicked posters. Boy, did that ever cost a lot. Will post a photo of our Wicked wall once everything is hung up.

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