Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ebola and Other Downers

Ebola has come to Texas. J has to travel to Dallas soon, and I'm trying not to worry about it. Why are people being allowed into this country every day from countries where Ebola is killing people? Why were/are the Dallas patients not being flown to specialized facilities when doctors from across the border were and were saved?

Tomorrow my family is moving my almost 98-yr-old grandmother to assisted living. We have been dreading this day, but she's taking it pretty well. It's hard to part with material things that mean a lot to a person. Handmade furniture crafted by my grandfather, his rocking chair. Things, memories. She's probably crying and screaming on the inside, but she hasn't put up much of a fuss to our faces, which we were expecting. We moved her a few months ago from one apartment complex to another, which was a mistake. I didn't play a role in that move at all, but this time I have got to step it up. Went Sunday and my brother, mother and I packed, while my dad and grandmother supervised.

My dad is not in good health right now, having contracted pseudamonas (sp) after his rotator cuff surgery. No one can explain how he contracted it but it's kicking his 74-yr-old butt. The twice daily infusions give him nausea and loss of appetite. He's lost 14 lbs; my mom has lost 16. She's got low grade leukemia, and has been running him to daily infusions, infectous disease dr. and surgeon for going on a month now. And they're supposed to leave soon on a three-week cruise. Not sure that's going to happen because he hasn't even started PT yet.

I will be left "in charge" of grandma, have signed a medical power of attorney for her. I'm grateful that she will be in an assisted living facility now. Peace of mind.

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