Friday, February 5, 2010

Some Days

Some days I feel like I am good at my job - today ain't one of them. I messed up big time this week. Everything turned out all right in the end, just as J said it would. Why don't I listen to her? Why can't I be like her and quit worrying and worrying when I do something wrong. Afraid I'm going to get caught, reprimanded. Wondering if I should try to cover up my mistakes or fess up to what I did.

My week ended well, though. A friend of mine who is the mom of a student I had in my class last year has been asking me to be her friend on Facebook. I have not confirmed her because I am not out to her or her sister who worked at the school. Finally today I e-mailed her and told her why. We had been trying to get together and I was going to tell her then, but we never have been able to. I didn't want her to log in on FB and see my profile without warning. So today I e-mailed her and told her I'm gay. If it mattered, I would not confirm her; If it didn't, I would. She called me about a half an hr. later and told me she could not believe that I had gone so long without telling her, that she loved me, and would always be my friend. Now, her sister may be a different story. She is more conservative. She is going to talk to her and see how she feels about it.

Anyway, I invited her to my birthday party, and she wants to come! And she said that J and I can come to her parties - she has a lot of get togethers! So, wow, that totally made my week end on a positive note. J said I have been chattering non-stop since I got home. And to make things even brighter, my youngest said she wants to come see the condo when she gets well (she has strep).

Question for those of you who still read me:

Has being gay ever been an issue for you when deciding to take a job? Once I was asked to teach at a small Christian school that my daughters were attending. The woman really wanted me there, was going to pay me a bunch of money and give me lots of responsibilities. I was soo excited because I was also going to be able to see my girls during the day. Well, all my references checked out, salary was set, everything except for signing the contract. I went into her office and looked at it. It was the longest contract I had ever seen. Toward the end there was a Bible verse. I had to initial and sign that I thought homosexuals were "perverted." Perverted. I almost died. She was talking about friends of mine; she was talking about me. I could not sign. I turned the job down.

Down 11 lbs. Boy, it is taking awhile, but I know that is a good thing. The longer it should stay off. Went to Jazzercise Wednesday night and walked 2 miles tonight.

Tomorrow I am going to eat at my grandmother's and take her on errands. Then do a little Valentine's Day shopping. Tomorrow night J is taking me to the symphony. I can't wait! I haven't been there since the fourth grade. I always thought symphonies were for intellectuals. LOL

I am going to start putting quotes at the end of each post. I used to do this on my old blog. I will try to put a quote that has something to do with the point of my post, if I have a point.

"Closets are for clothes." - Bumper Sticker

"A symphony is a stage play with the parts written for instruments instead of for actors." - Colin Henry Wilson

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LL Cool Joe said...

I often don't get bookings for discos because I'm trans. I'm convinced of that. When ever I do, I always think that the person who's booking me is extra special because they are looking past that and just seeing me.