Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wish Me Luck

Today I am bringing my youngest to the apartment for lunch, and then we are going shopping at the Galleria. I am leaving ALL photos of Jand I out, including the Valentine photo that I made for J which has the lyrics to "Lady" written on it. I am leaving the champagne glasses from Vegas out and the Flamingo that everyone signed (even though it is way up on the top shelf). The only things I am putting away are magnets which have our names and wedding date on them.

Wish me luck. I am hoping that the photos of J and I in high school and college will start a conversation of some kind. I am not sure that she even knows we were together back when we were 16/17. I have kept my wedding ring on this year. So far no one has said anything.

It is way past time for things to move on in the coming out department with my kids.

Oh, by the way, the weight loss ticker hasn't moved. Actually, it should move down two pounds. I have gained two pounds. I am regrouping this week and trying to find out if it is my thyroid, food portions menopause, lack of water or what that has me at such a standstill after only a 12 lb weight loss. It the process I cheated and have gained 2. I ordered the Richard Simmons food mover to help me track my calories. This has helped me in the past, so wish me luck there, too. Now, if I could only drink some water!

"I never drink water because of the disgusting things fish do in it." - W. C. Fields

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This Mom said...

Looking forward to hearing about your visit and hoping it went well.