Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Thing About Blackberries

So the touch screen on my LG phone died just in time, right when I qualified for a Blackberry. I am still learning about it. My 16-yr-old came over yesterday and helped me with it. Verizon won't let you get "free" ringtones, so she went to, downloaded the tones on to her phone and then texted the tones to me. How cool is that?
My favorite feature of the Blackberry is that I can now access Facebook without a browser. Yep. Anytime, anywhere. I can view my Facebook account while watching T.V., eating dinner, in church, while driving, or sitting on the pot. Isn't life wonderful?
I downloaded a few games, Word Mole, Slot Machines, Texas Hold'em, Blackjack, and Suduko. I also downloaded a few apps - one that helps me keep a running grocery list by aisle. You then click on the item and it puts it in your "cart." Okay, I admit it going to look foolish pushing a cart and typing on a Blackberry, but think of the paper I'll save with no paper list, AND I run no risk of leaving a ball point pen in my back pocket like I sometimes do! If J downloads the app, she can make her own separate list as she thinks of things throughout the week, and transfer it to my list.
On another note, J and I are joining the church today. I can't wait! I'm not too keen on standing up in front of people, but it only takes about 3 minutes. The coolest thing is that they are going to send a transfer letter to the church that excommunicated me! I think they should make a special letter in my case that informs my ex-church that, contrary to their beliefs, I AM NOT GOING TO HELL and that I have taken communion almost every week for a year and a half and haven't been struck by lightning once!
I have very mixed emotions this Father's Day. I love my dad and all but am angry at him and my mom right now for the way they treat me and J. I will go with gift in hand today, but I'm sorry to say that my heart just isn't in it. I plan to spend most of the time playing with my brother's dog, talking to my girls, and, of course, playing with my Blackberry in the bathroom

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