Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Alphabet Meme Via Come What May

A. Age
49 and holding

B Bed Size

C. Chore you hate.
Ironing is about the most boring chore I can think of.

D. Dogs.

E. Essential start of day.
Diet Coke or Diet Dr. Pepper

F. Favorite color.

G. Gold or silver.
I prefer gold but it is too expensive. Our wedding bands are gold, though.

H. Height.
5’9” but my driver’s license once read 5’10”. Wonder if I shrunk.

I. Instruments played.
Flute, guitar, and I used to play the organ with my dad. Wrote a song on the piano once when I was 15. I still remember how to play it.

J. Job title.
Currently office manager, but in less than two weeks I will be a teacher again!

K. Kids.
Two daughters ages 21 and as of today, 18. I was actually in full-blown labor at this time 18 yrs ago. Spent the first half of the day in the bathroom by myself, hiding from my nurse who wanted me hooked up to a fetal monitor on my left side. Not the greatest birth story.

L. Live.In Houston, and I hate it. But I will live anywhere for love.

M Mom's name.

N Nickname.
If I have one, I don’t know about it.

O. Overnight Hospital Stays.
Three times – each birth and once for food poisoning which induced early labor.

P. Pet Peeve
People with no basic manners like "please" and "thank you."

Q. Quote from a movie
“She is my match in every way.” Who can guess the movie?

R. Right or left handed?
Right, but I can write pretty well with my left hand.

S. Siblings.
One brother who is six years younger than I am and is going to be a father for the first time in December.

T. Time you wake up.
Literally, 6:30 a.m., but I don’t consider myself fully awake until around 11:00 a.m.

U. Underwear.

V. Vegetable you dislike.
It would be easier to list the ones I do like: potatoes, asparagus, brocolli, cauliflower (The last three MUST have a sauce of some sort on them.)

W. What makes you run late.
I seldom run late and I find tardiness to be extremely rude. I don’t mind being fashionably late, though.

X. X rays you have had done.
Six plus fingers, arm, elbow, hip

Y. Yummy food you make.
Chocolate chip cheeseball. If allowed, I would eat the entire thing with graham crackers.

Z. Zoo animal.
I could watch the sea lions swim back and forth all day.

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This Mom said...

Chocolate chip cheeseball huh? I think you might need to post that recipe...