Monday, July 18, 2011

Walking on Air

I am walking and dancing on air this morning. I have exactly ten days left on this job! And the best thing of all? My youngest met J last night for the first time and it went well! I have to commend both J and K17 for their bravery. I know they were BOTH extremely uncomfortable. J gave K17 several chances to leave our apartment before she came home, i.e. an hour warning, a 20-minute warning, and a 5-minute warning. LOL I kept expecting K17 to leave, especially when she teared up during the hour warning. But she stayed!


greg said...

That's HUGE!! I am so, so happy for all of you. You must have been very nervous.

This Mom said...

Oh, I am SO happy that it went well! That was a huge step in the right direction. Good for them! It shows how much they love you, so good for you too!