Thursday, June 27, 2013

Goodbye Glasses!

Last month I had two eye surgeries - the first one to remove an oily drop cataract (young person's cataract) from my left eye and have a lens replacement; the second surgery to have a lens replacement on my good eye. Now no more glasses! I have worn glasses since the first grade. I remember that I had been placed in the third reading group (for slow readers). My mother took me down to TSO (Texas State Optical) in the Northwest Mall in Houston to be fitted with my first pair of glasses. I remember trying to walk through the mall without falling. It looked like there were stairs in front of me and I wasn't sure how to walk without falling down the mirages. Anyway, I was placed in the first reading group and I did well in school after that. After a month, I still wake up and put my hand on my night stand searching for my glasses. It was an expensive procedure, but so worth it. I will never have cataracts again and will never need glasses again, except for magnified glasses for reading if my eyes get tired. Yay!

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