Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hello Old Friends

It's been a long time, huh? Much has happened in over a year. I have retired from teaching and have gone back to my old job, running a mediation office. J is busy taking care of her mom, who is recuperating from back surgery.

I have two grandmothers living, praise God! My maternal grandmother from Florida is 93 and lives with my parents; my paternal grandmother is 96 and still lives alone. On Sunday, 911 was called for my paternal grandmother. She spent several hours in the ER and was sent home, prematurely, I believe, as she is still ill. Yesterday, 911 was called on my maternal grandmother, who is now in ICU. My parents are exhausted from all this caregiving.

I would like to introduce you to our newest addition. I have been told she is a Cairn terrier mix. Meet Callie. She is approximately 9 months old. I named her after the character Callie in my new favorite TV show The Fosters. Callie is a teenager who has been passed around from foster parent to foster parent. I thought it made sense to name her Callie, since I rescued her from certain death. A few weeks ago, she was in a shelter scheduled to be euthanized. A local rescue group in Houston, Buster's Friends, sprung her out. She was originally given the name of Twinkle in the shelter. Then I called her Button because she really is as cute as a button. Then I changed it to Cricket because, boy, can she ever jump! But Callie suits her better and she is now responding to that name. That is K19 in the photo, soon to be K20. More about how she is giving me gray hair another time.

Since I know longer have to work at night or on weekends, I hope I will find more time to write on this blog. I have missed it here, and even more importantly, missed reading your posts. I see that a lot of my favorites have disappeared. Especially miss reading Tina and Jess's posts. If anyone knows if they have new blogs, please let me know.


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rachelleykins said...

Welcome back. Looking forward to more posts.