Thursday, April 22, 2010

One Word Meme

Tiffany, I stole another one! These are great when one has writer's block, which I definitely have!

Hair - highlighted
Your mother - denial
Your father - stern
Favorite Food - Mexican
Dream Last Night - weird
Favorite Drink - cherry diet coke
What room you are in - office
Hobby - sleeping
Fear - homelessness
Where were you last night? - home
Something you aren't - skinny
Muffins - boring
Wish list item - Kindle
Where you grew up - Houston
What you are wearing - jacket
Your pet - none
Friends - thoughtful
Something you're not wearing - shorts
Favorite store - Barnes and Noble
Favorite color - purple
Last time you laughed - yesterday
Your best friend - J
Best place you go over and over - San Marcos
Person you e-mail regularly - J
Favorite place to eat - Pappasitos

1 comment:

This Mom said...

Nice! I am relying on these to pull me from my writer's block too. Although, I do have a post brewing, so hopefully that will be up soon.