Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Different Kind of Pride

I think my daughter has a heart of gold, I really do. She has a second mom, a second family, really. I used to feel jealous until J reminded me that in high school many of us had second families. J's family was mine. So even if I had not left, she would probably still be close to this family. And I thank God for them, really, I do. They have been there for her in many instances when I could not.

Somehow today K17 found out that the family's bank account went under and that they would not have any money until the weekend to live on. They have three kids to support. So K17 got all of her birthday money together ($40). Then she told me, "Mom, I have been saving quarters and stashing them in my closet for two years." She added them up today and that came to $33. So she is now over at their house giving them $73 of her own money. I reminded her that when you "give" someone money, you don't expect it back. She said, "I know, Mom. There have been many times when they have paid my way into the movie or bought me dinner, etc. I don't expect it back anyway. It's not much money, but what if $73 is all they need to bring their account back into the black?"

Then my oldest daughter decided that she might get her cash together and add to the amount. I am so proud of my girls. They don't have much but they are willing to help another family in need.


LL Cool Joe said...

You should be proud, what a wonderful thing to do. :)

RiverPoet said...

What a testament to how you raised them, B!

Love, D