Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I love spooning with J! I can't decide which I like more, her behind me or me behind her. Curling up in bed with J's arms around me is about the best thing in the world I can think of. Sometimes she whispers "I love you's" in my ear; sometimes she strokes my hair or kisses my neck. I love the softness of her body and the strength of her arms encircling me, safe and secure. She reaches for my hand and our fingers entwine. Gives me goosebumps as I type.
And then there is the point in the night where we each roll over to the other side, as if on cue, kind of like flipping a pancake at the exact moment when it is ready. We just know. I lay as close to her as I possibly can, my chin between her shoulder and her head, that perfect place where I belong. I manuever myself over and over until finally every possible inch of the front of my body is touching hers, including my feet. I usually put my arm around her, but sometimes I lay with my arms parallel to my body so that my arms are against her back, all the way down. I kiss her upper arm. I fall asleep thinking how blessed I am that she has chosen me and only me out of everyone to hold her at night and that God has brought us back together after a quarter of a century - A QUARTER OF A CENTURY! - apart.
So here's to spooning! ( I can't believe I wrote this entire post with my boss standing on the other side of my desk!)

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