Thursday, August 14, 2014


I wanted to share a few photos with you from the past year. Here's a photo of my soon-to-be 98-yr-old grandmother with my niece A2. The umbrella was a gift to my grandma from Thailand from my brother, who is A2's daddy. We had just moved my grandma into her new, larger apartment. She is almost blind but is still not in assisted living. We had so many problems with the place that we almost moved her back to her old place. She turned us down, however, because moving is very stressful to her. Not to mention that she would be living in her friend's old apartment who had just passed away, since grandma's old apartment had already been rented.

Here's a recent photo of me and J at the Vicki Lawrence show.

Here's a recent photo of K21. She is trying to change from red back to blonde. She now has a steady boyfriend and starts working at Starbucks on Monday while taking a math class. She will miss working at the theatre so much, but they were working her too hard with little pay.

Here's a photo of my attempt at painting at Pinot's Palette. Am wondering if you have places like this where you are where you paint and drink wine. Took K24 there for her birthday and she loved it. This is me without make-up. ACK! Below is a photo of K24 getting started with her painting.

Below is the outside of the beach house I rented in June for a writing sabbatical. Just me and Callie and the beach for three days. No problems with the neighbors until the last morning. The man across the street got quite upset when I was walking Callie in the empty lot. I showed him the poop bag in my pocket and assured him I would pick up after her. It wasn't his lot; the city owns it.

I got quite a bit of writing done on my novel and lots of inspiration. The ocean is a very soothing place to me, but I respect it since I almost drowned near there when I was 7.  There was a hot tub on the back deck. The bed was EXTREMELY comfortable. Would love to go back, but if we get another dog it would be a lot harder. Took me five trips up the stairs to get everything I needed into the house. The photo below it shows my writing area. The stained glass window is from a church. The house was built in 1913. The photo below that is Callie laying in the sun saying, "I want to move to the beach!"

Here's a photo of what I look like at work with my reading glasses on.

Here I am at Wicked in San Antonio and showing off my key chain and necklace. I accidentally ran over my necklace last week with my drink cart at work. :( It's not fixable. We also walked away with a poster signed by the cast. Proceeds went to the A.I.D.S. Foundation and a $20 program. Unfortunately, Jennifer DiNoia wasn't performing that night because she was getting ready for her wedding. Alyssa Fox was "okay" but not my favorite.

Well, that's all for now.


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