Friday, August 29, 2014

Ups and Downs

This week has definitely been a week of ups and downs, hopes and dreams have been played with, teased and then taken away. Seems like we never get a break around here.

Unity or "New Thought" has taught me that we must move forward in life. We have to take what we have and make something of it. Only we can do that.  Here's a song they sung at Unity last Sunday that really touched me. I need to be reminded to live in the moment; this song is so true.

Since January I have been trying to cultivate a life outside of these four walls. I've joined a crochet group which meets every other Saturday and a yuppie restaurant in town. When you think of a crochet group, you probably think of a bunch of old ladies sitting around a table, needles clacking, gossiping about their children and neighbors, complaining about the food and their aches and pains. It's nothing like that at all. The women are amazing. They are of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds We have even had some children. There are about 20 in attendance each time, so many that we have requested one complete side of the restaurant in the back for next time.  The organizer of the group was hit by a truck from behind while riding a bicycle in her 20's and she incurred brain damage. Crocheting was suggested by her occupational therapist. She makes some of the most amazing creations you have ever seen.

One of the things I love about the group is that they work on a group blanket. Someone takes it home each time and crochets one skein; then brings it back. When completed, it is given to a hospital in our city. A lot of the women crochet chemo caps and catheter bags, also.  Here is a photo of my main project, the Lord's Prayer, done in filet crochet. I have been working on it since February. It will be about six-feet tall when completed.

Here are some dog sweaters that I made recently when I get bored with this large project:

I've also been going to the library twice a month on Saturday mornings to work on my novel. I'm calling it a "Write-In", even though I'm the only one who shows up. I'm hoping someone will join me one day.

I've also joined the choir at Unity and we rock, we really do.

This weekend we will be in the final stages of our spring cleaning in the summer, just in time for fall. Ha ha. The office is the only room we have left. We have now sent over ten bags to Goodwill, three boxes to Half Price Books, and one box to Movie Exchange. Now we will feel comfortable enough to start having people over again. Our first guest is set to arrive on September 20th.


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