Monday, August 25, 2014


We welcomed Finn, f/k/a Willie, into our home this week. His sister's name was Wonka. She was adopted first. Finn is a distemper survivor. He found his bed immediately when we walked into the apartment and went right to it.

He and Callie are getting along well. We were worried he would not submit to her, but he does. His head bobble is very pronounced when he is nervous. His hinds legs are weak, but once he gets up and stretches, he's ready to roll. He is not able to jump onto the furniture yet, but his back legs are getting stronger, as evident from him now lifting his leg to do his business. Jumping up on the couch is probably in his near future. Only one accident so far in four days, so we shall see about that. He will stay in the kitchen during the day until we are confident he knows what the puppy pads are for in case we can't get home in time.

Both dogs have enjoyed spending time on the balcony. We have never let Callie out there before because of my balcony incident. It's now cleaned off of dirt and debris. We put a potty patch out there, but so far, neither dog understands what to do with it. Would be extremely helpful until I get home to walk them or in case of thunderstorm, which is sure to happen during hurricane season.

Here's a good shot of his facial features:

Namaste to all,

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