Friday, July 16, 2010

Forbidden Love

Nothing says "forbidden love" like the story of Maria and Captain Von Trapp. It's funny, but in real life, their characteristics were in reverse. The captain was more shy and quiet; Maria was more assertive and outspoken. J and I have also reversed personality traits since college. She was once the shy, quiet girl; I was more outgoing.

Our relationship was always forbidden, so I can really identify with Julie Andrews' character, Maria, in The Sound of Music. She had to keep her love hidden from the world because she was to become a nun. I had to keep my love for J hidden from the world because it was "wrong." No one ever actually said it in words, other than my mother warning me when I was about 12 that there are "some girls who try to kiss other girls." I don't ever remembering anyone in the church saying it was wrong. I just knew by the way they acted around homosexual couples that the subject was taboo in our home. At age 17, I fought my feelings for J like crazy for several months, but I felt like Maria in the gazebo when she finally kissed me. That was all it took. She had my heart from then on.

The best part of the movie for me is when the Captain holds Maria in the gazebo and they sing this simple song of just a few lines. I bawl every time. I even tear up just thinking about it. So to you, my love, J, here's to "Something Good."

Perhaps I had a wicked childhood

Perhaps I had a miserbale youth

But somewhere in my wicked, miserable past

There must have been a moment of truth.

For here you are, standing there, loving me

Whether or not you should

So somewhere in my youth or childhood

I must have done something good.

Nothing comes from nothing

Nothing ever could

So somewhere in my youth or childhood

I must have done something good.

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