Monday, July 5, 2010

July 5th

Today I get to do my favorite thing, grocery shop. NOT! I hate it; I abhor it! The only thing I despise more is cleaning ceiling fans. I like to go with J, though, so she doesn't have to do it alone; although I suspect we get it done more quickly when we each do it alone.

I got a free app for my Blackberry. It's a grocery list. I thought it would take the ho-hum out of grocery shopping. Last week J said it took too long because she can't see the list when I have the Blackberry in my hand. And it is difficult manipulating groceries in your hands when you are desperately trying to keep from dropping your Blackberry on the store's tile floor. The other night I dreamt my cell phone blew up. Must be from all the Sudoku I am playing.

After shopping, we are going to Office Depot for some ink and some supplies for my writing students. I told you I'm working with homeless teens, right? Then we are going to go somewhere for a real hamburger. I wish we could find a place that had Sangria wine coolers like Grin's, my favorite hamburger place in San Marcos.

Trying to finish reading Wicked before I have to take it back to the library tomorrow. I used to be such a fast reader, one book in two or three days. Now it takes me forever.

This morning I have been writing to Drudge Report to tell them about a spelling error in one of their articles. Yes, I admit it, I read Drudge Report. Don't agree on a lot of it; but, hey, that is where I found out about MJ's death last year. They update the page minute by minute. The non-political stories are usually the only ones I read.

I have also been turning in resumes this morning. Guess what? I have been writing to Montessori schools. Yep. We went to a party the other day and two of my ex-students were there. The ole teaching bug stung me. I am hoping the sting passes and no one replies to my resume, but teaching teenagers is nothing compared to teaching a small child the excitement of learning to read and multiply numbers. I really do miss it.

Thanks to Robin over at The Other Mother , I now know of two schools in the area that are gay friendly. My fear has always been if I am ever outed at a school, I would lose my job or create utter chaos for the school.

I only have four days to work this week. My boss is leaving town Wednesday. Wednesday and Thursday my other boss will only be there in the mornings, and I am hoping that he takes the day off on Friday. I have about 250 journal writing prompts I need to type onto labels for my writing students. Plus, I am hoping to get an interview with a head hunter some time this week.

Don't forget to pass my new blog, Around and Around to your friends who have OCD. I don't have any followers yet and am feeling a little, well, obsessed about it!


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