Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pretty Moms

I love looking at J, especially when she doesn't know it. Sometimes I am staring at her, and she looks at me with a frustrated expression and asks, "What?"
Here is a typical conversation:
Me: "You are so pretty. You look like your mother."
She nods her head "no."
Me: "Don't you think you look like your mother?"
Her: "Yes."
Me: "Don't you think your mother is pretty?"
Her: "Yes."
Me: "Well, then?"
Her: "Everyone thinks their mother is pretty."
Hmmm. Does everyone think their mother is pretty? My mom's picture with my dad is above. I always wanted to look like her, not my dad. Of course, I look like my dad. My mom has Cherokee Indian in her, the darker skin and high cheek bones. She has perfect teeth. My brother looks like my mom, but has my dad's crooked teeth but good eyesight and is almost completely bald (that's also from my mother's side). My mother has very thin hair, so I am glad I got my thick head of hair from my dad. I inherited her terrible eyesight and my dad's bad teeth.
I have my dad's tall height and mannerisms, especially the way I use my hands and fingers. But everyone says I laugh like my mom and sometimes from another room they cannot tell which one of us is laughing.
What physical traits did you inherit from your biological parents, and do you think your mom is/was pretty? I tend to think mine is. She's almost 73, by the way! I hope I look that good if I make it to that age!


LL Cool Joe said...

I have no idea what my birth parents look like. Heaven help anyone that looks like me!

This Mom said...

I think my mom was a knockout in her teens, twenties and thirties. She started to put on weight in her forties and now at 59 is quite heavy. I don't think she's very attractive now and not just because of her weight. Her face is not pretty like it used to be. I know I resemble my mom in a lot of ways and as I've gained weight it becomes more obvious. I'm not happy about this.
The only trait I have of my tall and very thin father is his height. Ideally, I'd have my dad's height and crazy high metabolism and motivation and energy, combined with the face my mom had in her twenties and thirties. But instead, I'm just me.