Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pizza Time

Pizza's on his way. J and I are going to stay in and watch The OCD Project tonight. It's the finale! Can't wait!
Speaking of the show, I've been hangin' out a lot at my other blog. Drop by and check it out. The link is to the right>>>>>
Not much has been going on. Went to a lousy interview on Friday. I KNOW I didn't get that one. Oh, well...
Thought we had a bad virus on the computer. I think it's fixed now (crossing fingers here). Lovin' my Blackberry more each day. Game night tomorrow night at church. Not sure if we're going. High school reunion Saturday night - DEFINITELY not attending! I will never go to another one after they embarrassed me at my 10th by putting me on stage with another girl who had had some major cosmetic help and said that we were the most changed. I had just had a c-section three weeks before and was still a blimp. I hear the reunions are different now; just not sure I want to find out.
I was a bit depressed this week because my daughter didn't bring me back anything from Uganda, not even a blade of grass. Oh, well, that's her passive aggressiveness for you!
Gotta run!

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greg said...

They put you on stage??!! That's just awful. I don't blame you for not wanting to go to this one. I wouldn't either.