Monday, July 26, 2010

Watching My Weight

Okay, the ticker counter hasn't moved. Well, until last week. Now it should read five pounds heavier. I stuck to South Beach until 20 lbs down; then I just stalled.

Today I am starting Weight Watchers. I have always heard great things about it. In fact, I lost quite a bit on Richard Simmons' food mover years ago. It is based on the points system. My problem is as soon as I lose my weight, I forget to weigh and take off running with the food! If I commit myself to weighing every couple of days, I don't let it get away from me.

So here's to my first time on Weight Watchers! Wish me luck! If any of you WW peeps have any suggestions or links that you like regarding WW, please let me know. I have already printed record sheets (weekly) to keep track of my points. As with any lifestyle change in eating, you have to plan ahead for your meals. That is one of the toughest parts for me.

Today I am eating: Breakfast - one egg, two slices of turkey bacon; Lunch - half sandwich with whole wheat bread, slice of deli turkey and slice of fat free American cheese plus 1/2 cup strawberries with Splenda; Dinner - half a steak with 1/2 baked potato with Smart Balance
Morning Snack: 3 Lance wheat/cheese crackers; Afternoon Snack: Activia Lite peach Total is 23.5 points out of 24.

I am hungry already! LOL

My exercise goal is for every night that I am home to do thirty minutes on the Wii or 30 minutes on the treadmill or bicycle. So far I think I will be home 5 nights out of 7. Hopefully, you will see my ticker go back down and my Wii will switch me back to "overweight" instead of "obese."

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