Saturday, November 29, 2008

Our Weekend So Far

Friday, J let me sleep in for awhile while she went to get her oil changed. Then we went to the carwash. She got gum on her driver's seat the night before at the movies (Hint: don't go see 4 Christmases) They were able to get the gum off!!!! We then went to Barnes and Noble for some Christmas shopping.

She took me out for chicken fried steaks for lunch. By that time, I was not feeling well, so I guess I was a bit testy. We were sitting in the restaurant, and an old man walked past our table on his way back from the restroom, and he gave us a bad look. J couldn't see it cuz her back was to him. After a few minutes, I overheard him say to his wife something to the effect of, "those two dykes sitting over there." It REALLY upset me. J asked me what he said, but I didn't want to tell her. I was afraid she would go over to him. When he left, she said that, had she known what he had said, she would have told him, "At least I'm not with an asshole like you!"

I told J that, even though we think it has, things have not really changed over the past 30 years. Yeah, we have friends who accept us, but there will ALWAYS be prejudiced people who don't even know us as people who will sling derogatory names at us. We weren't doing anything to this man. It is really taking me awhile to shake this moment.

Fast forward to today, a TOTALLY opposite experience, going to lunch with friends after our photo shoot. Everyone at the table laughing and including us in their conversation, urging us to do a commitment ceremony in February. It just made everything better.

I will post photos from our photo shoot as soon as I get them. I was very uncomfortable, not because we were together, outside, in the public, but because I don't like having my picture taken AT ALL!

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Sabrae said...

The wife and I deal with dumb ass people like that all the time... Our response??? We start heavily making out to make them all the more uncomfortable!!! It really does work! lol I could care less what people think of us out in public.. there are always going to be people out there that hate who we are and who we love... but I say screw em and love who you love and don't be ashamed of it!