Monday, November 9, 2009


I never realized it before, but when I am happy, truly happy, I post more often. Saturday I posted three times, and posted twice yesterday. I guess when I get depressed and withdraw, I REALLY withdraw.
These are photos of my youngest daughter, 16. She was a harem girl in the producation "Aladdin." The boy in the picture is the guy she is beginning to get involved with. She did such a beautiful job up there. The stage is her sanctuary.


CJ said...

I used to be the opposite. I would tend to write when I was upset and withdraw from blog land when I was happy...I am the opposite now. I wonder what THAT means! Your daughter is beautiful!!

This Mom said...

She's beautiful, you must be very proud. My kids are involved in their choir and are getting ready to audition for this years' musical. I love seeing them on the stage!

Maria said...

How wonderful that she has found a niche.

DaniKel said...

She looks beautiful!

Glad that you are happy!! :-)