Saturday, February 21, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

***DISCLAIMER*** This was written under the influence of Ambien. The letters were moving, and now the whole page is moving.
One week from tomorrow at 4:30 p.m., J and I will have our commitment ceremony. We are just now starting to work on vows (lol). Seriously, I was afraid that if I started too soon, I would be talking too long. I have an incredible talent for memorizing pages and pages of writing thanks to my old days in Rainbow Girls. (Oh, don't throw things at me. I was under 13; I was naive) We picked Endless Love to walk down the aisle. J wants to wait at the end of the aisle for me. On the way out we will walk out slowly to You're My Everything. The ceremony will be at the Flamingo Hotel where we will be seeing Osmonds perform Saturday night.
J's pants are being hemmed up as we speak. Weren't able to get my ring re-sized, but, yes, it WILL fit if given a big push... I will be wearing a hidden wedding garter for the "groom" to find and remove with her teeth. My rose fell off my garter, so I have to go hunt down a hot glue gun to stick it back on. Our rings are beautiful -- they are on a below post, as well as her pants and vest. My two, old, tight rings finally came off after drinking no sodas last Saturday and taking a diurectic and spinning them around with soap in the shower. After the ceremony, our friends have graciously given us some alone time to eat dinner together, whereas, I would just like to checkout the hopefully empty hot tub, so we could jump start the honeymoon.
Tomorrow we are going back to the Methodist Church we visited a couple of weeks ago. The words "Christ", "Jesus", "gay", "lesbian", "heterosexual", they were all used together in context without a problem.In one family, two woman partners and two male partners are raising one child. Man, will he ever be loved. The minister is a straight, married male, and I think that was a good move on their part. Not sure about the orientation of the other minister. He wears a rainbow-colored shawl.
After church, maybe we will relax some. It has been a rough week, with J's mom not feeling well, and my stupid symptoms finally went away after Tuesday when the divorce was final.
Our hair was cut today, and I admit it, mine was highlighted over the few gray hairs I have. Then I went and had my nails and toenails done. Will keep you up-to-date on experiences in Las Vegas. Hopefully, I will getting a new camera so I can download pics.

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