Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day started at midnight when I got up to put the roast on. Got up again at 8:00 to put potatoes and carrots in. J left around 9:30, and I fell back to sleep around 10:00 and sleep until noonish!
J came back home to a wonderful smelling roast and something behind her back. A card and pearl earrings for me to wear at the ceremony! She told me we weren't getting Valentine's presents for each other. Good thing I had gone out last night and bought her Horton Hears a Who. I had bought the card weeks ago.
We have been lazy all day and listening to our neighbors upstairs again. I wish they would move out!
Tomorrow we are going to check out another church (Metropolitan), and then J is taking me to a movie and dinner. I say "J is taking me," because she is always doing the taking. I like that about her, but sometimes I want to do it.
I am off soda for the weekend (long story), and I am beginning to get a caffeine-withdrawal headache. Just sent in my resume to an awesome ad for an office manager/admin assistant. Pray I get an interview!!!! I am sooo ready for a change!


Sabrae Carter said...

oh how wonderful!! we just cuddled for about an hour and had our *fun* and i sent her to work a few hours ago... that was the extent of our day :)

Rebecca said...

The earrings are gorgeous! Glad you had a wonderful Valentines Day. How amazingly wonderful to spend it with your true love!