Sunday, February 22, 2009

Prelude to a Flight

Sorry. Looks like my double spacing isn't working again. :o(
Okay, do you guys know how badly I hate flying? I always said that I would rather do anything else, and I do mean ANYTHING. Today I came close to changing my mind. J ran her car through an express car wash, and I about came unglued. They put you on some kind of a conveyor belt thingy, and away you go, like it or not. All this water, and soap, and long, stringy things are coming at you, slapping against all the windows. I felt like I was being devoured by a giant, angry, wet mop. All I could think of was, "Get me out of here! I need air!" The picture above is tame compared to what we went through. And they charge $13 for this? Luckily, we had a free coupon. Before we were out of the chute, I was trying to roll the window down. J was laughing her butt off. The only thing that saved me was that I was squeezing between my index finger and thumb what J would call my "rubber booger." Seriously. Okay, you had to have been there. We were at Best Buy today, and I was trying to use a Visa gift card. When I opened it, there was some glue on the back of the card that I scraped off and played with for the next hour or so. Not something I'm proud of, but it calmed me down. I still have it in the pocket of my jacket in case I need it Friday night on the flight. And don't think I won't use it, either!
Hey, I got a cool, PURPLE Kodak camera today (my favorite color); so, hopefully, I can start posting photos on the blog. Got to learn how to use it. Just realized, the stupid salesperson didn't sell me any batteries for it. Ugh! How can I learn how to use it if I can't turn it on?
You all know how much I HATE Sundays, but the good thing about this weekend was that my father was very talkative last night. He is not happy with my ex right now, so that puts me in a better light, I guess. He asked lots of questions about the Vegas trip and told me to have a good time and to not think about stuff while I was there. That really made me feel good. I felt so bad because I could not answer his basic questions: "Where are you going to park your car? You're not going to park it close to the airport; are you? That will be expensive." "Who's car are you taking?" "How much did the show cost?" "What, are you getting some kind of package deal?" I felt so bad that today I e-mailed him a tentative itinerary, leaving out the ceremony on Sunday, of course.
My favorite question this weekend about the trip was from my grandmother -- "What is this, some kind of club or something?" ROFL No, grandma, just the two of us going are members of this club. LOL
I am reading a book on Lesbian commitment ceremonies to see if there is anything in there that J and I can incorporate into ours, wording, ritual, etc. I told J the one thing I definitely do not want to have done is to have our genitals blessed with oil. I think that is going a bit too far. Hey, if that's what you did at yours, more power to ya. It is just so not us. Ha ha.
You might laugh, but I have asked J several times to practice kissing me like she is going to do at the ceremony. I don't want a peck on the cheek, but I don't want a full making out session, either. We have kissed in front of others maybe once or twice. J isn't into PDAs anyway, and I don't like surprises. Now if I could just get her to rehearse the wedding night... sigh.

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Rebecca said...

I wouldn't want the blessing of my genitals with oil in any public ceremony either!
That is wayyyyyyyyy to private a ritual!!
OMG I got the giggles girl!
Really sounds great otherwise, and glad your Dad was in a more receptive mood.