Monday, February 2, 2009


I guess you youngsters don't remember these machines that were supposed to tighten your flab. Every Friday night, my mom, grandmother, and I would head to Slenderbolic, a health club in Houston. I used to watch them on these machines. LOL They even let me try. If I were to do this today, I KNOW I would pee in my pants.

Another place we used to go was Lohmanns clothing store. What I remember about Lohmanns is that there were no doors in the dressing room. Everyone tried clothes on in a huge room. Man, I always hated that. The dresses my mom bought there were beautiful, though.

Ever hear of Pipe Organ Pizza? That is another piece of nostalgia I remember, although on not such a regular basis, and it came later anyway. I hear they still have restaurants like these in some parts of the US. Give my dad a pizza, a beer on tap, and a pipe organ, and he would be happy for days afterward.

Wow, if I could only come up with something unique to make a buck on, that would be great. The girl who invented Makin Bacon was around nine years old. How cool is that? To me, it's one of the finest inventions ever! No grease on your bacon, easy to clean. Don't have one anymore, but when I see one, I'm buying it. And what ab out the woman who invented the Topsy Tail? Now, THAT was a GREAT invention in my book. My daughter's hair was almost hip-level. I could make soooo many hairstyles in five minutes or less. The possibilities were endless. The lady made millions! I made a prototype a few years ago that ya'll will probably think is stupid. See, everytime I tried to put chips in a sandwich bag, some of the chips would fall out of the bag onto the counter. Plus, I'd have to hold the baggie open with one hand and the entire chip bag in the other. Since I am a klutz by nature, it was not a good combination for me. So I made a contraption with a cup. You put the baggie inside the cup with the the outside of the baggie folded over the rim of the cup. It is much easier to aim the chips, and very few, if any, fall out. It could be used for any snack, really, that you would put in a lunch. Peanuts, raisins, etc. Anyway, I never did name my invention. Haha!

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