Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I want to say "congratulations" to G and C on the birth of their second son, L, last Thursday. Their boys' birthdays are one day apart! He is such a handsome boy! I would love to be called "aunt b" since it is quite obvious that my brother is never going to get around to having kids. Congratulations to M, the new grandma!

Took Tana to the vet today; she is in perfect health. I am thinking about giving her away. Okay, you are probably wondering why. I guess I just have not bonded with her yet, although she has definitely bonded with me. I also feel guilty that she will have to be in a cage during the day once I go back to work. Putting her in the bathroom with the doggie gate did not work. She woke us up twice this week between 3 and 4 a.m. pooping on the carpet, but she has never done that before, so I am hoping it is a fluke thing. She has been eating crap. The vet today told me what kind of food would be better for her. V has a friend who might have a doggie door. I don't know. I am torn. I didn't think J liked her much at first, but she seems to be warming up to her. J calls Tana "Muttley."

I called the school today and left a message for the principal who interviewed me regarding the status of my interview. Her secretary said that she was at a meeting off campus but would be returning in the afternoon. No call. Bummer.

I have started homeschooling the youngest one again. She is starting science and Spanish now, so that she will be done with those classes in March and can concentrate on her theater arts in the spring. She really wants to be a part of the Cinderella production. Rehearsals are brutal for two to three weeks and can really put you behind in your schoolwork. Anyway, I am proud of her for thinking ahead.

J has a four-day work week next week, so I am hoping that we can go do something fun like go to a movie, or to the track, or maybe go see her grandparents' homes.

Talk to you guys later!

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