Thursday, June 11, 2009

Craigslist Ad of the Month

While perusing craigslist for chihuahua info, I found his ad for a rose haired tarantula.

am have a rose haired tarantula named chucky .ive had him for about a year so hes about 2 and ahalf... hes not to big yet he is still young.. hes a good spider hes also spoiled lol i give him about 12 larger crickets every 2 weeks. he comes with a 10 gallon tank and a water dish. he is tamed but gets scared.. i ve never been bit from him. the reason why im getting rid is he looks misable and he need someone that spends time with him. .. he already has about 7 crickets in there. like i said comes with tank and water dish im selling for 30 which comes with tank water dish and whatever food left he has.
Umm, I didn't know a spider could look "miserable."

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