Monday, June 8, 2009

Florida Trip followed by Major Romance

Well not too much exciting to report. I didn't come out to my grandmother after all. She started talking about "queers" in a condescending way, and that's when I decided not to spoil the visit. We never discussed why I left the marriage or anything. There really wasn't anything to talk about. I had a boring time; it rained every day, but I did get my 2-mile walks in in the mornings. But was great to be with her in her home again. Probably will be my last time, I suppose. The "goodbye" was nothing special. I just hugged her and said, "Goodbye, Grandma." There was no "I love you" or "Have a good trip" or anything. I don't know, I sort of feel that our time together this week spoiled the relationship in some way. She told me that I looked bored (which I was) and that it wasn't the same without the girls there. I didn't even call to tell her I made it home.

The best part of going away was the homecoming! When I got to the airport I had to walk from Terminal E to Terminal C to meet J. Wow, what a long walk when you are trying to get to your sweetheart! I couldn't wait to see her! There she was sitting there in her bright yellow shirt that she knows I love to see her in! After embracing, she immediately handed me my wedding ring. When we got in the car, her CD player started playing our song, "You're My Everything." When we got home, J said for me to take my suitcase to the bedroom. How unbutch of her! When I got to the bedroom, there were a dozen red roses on my pillow! See, I told you she was romantic! We spent a GREAT afternoon together, and she took me to my favorite Mexican restaurant where I promptly got tipsy on two margaritas. Back home again to snuggle and talk about life. When were in bed, she asked me if I had changed soap or shampoo while at my grandmother's. She said something was different. I was so happy she noticed! I had nostalgically bought Love's Baby Soft while in Florida. It is a fragrance I used to wear when we together in high school. See, I can be romantic, too. I brought her three home grown tomatoes and a jar of homemade apple butter from Florida. She said she doesn't want me to go on any more trips for a long time. It was so hard to see her leave for work this morning. It felt sooo good to be missed!

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Rebecca said...

If you flew into Dallas, OMG that is a long walk, I sometimes go through there on my way to Philly, why? I don't know why. But that is how it goes, LOL.
I think it is OK that you didn't tell your grandmother. If she doesn't know already, doesn't live in the same state even then honestly what is the point if she would have caused more rejection.
Glad you are home with J too!