Monday, June 1, 2009

My Day Off

Here is a photo of us before when walked down the path to the chapel. I love this photo because no one can tell that it is a wedding photo. BIG HINT: I wasn't crying yet. It was taken before we had any flowers. It's like a mystery. Anyone looking at it would think we were just dressed in street clothes, walking in a mall or something, when, actually, we were inside the Flamingo Hotel, getting ready to do something we could only dream of 30 years ago.

So today was my first official "day off." Wow, time flies. I spent it at the post office, in traffic, counselor's office, in traffic, doctor's office, in traffic, home, on the phone with an idiot. Am now taking a breath to ponder things:

1. I truly believe that one of the requirements for applying for employment at the United States Postal Service is to be as slow moving as possible. And to enjoy chitchatting about anything and everything not related to what you are supposed to be doing.

2. I truly believe that doctor's office scales are rigged and that it DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE in your weight if you take your shoes off and everything out of your pockets before weighing.

3. I truly believe that if you should not drink, drive, and text on your phone all at the same time, especially if you are not able to do it and stay in your own freakin lane or notice when the traffic light turns green.

4. I truly believe that good friends are hard to find. It is hard to be open to new friendships when you are not completely "out", not knowing whom to trust and how much to tell.

5. I truly believe that it is not good karma to read about a plane crash killing two hundred plus people two days before you are to fly out of state.

6. And last but definitely not least, I truly believe that I am and forever will be in love with J. I am SO HAPPY she is feeling better!!!! I am going to miss her sooooo much while I am gone.

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LL Cool Joe said...

You both look so happy. :)

I'm with you on the plane crash too.