Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Where Have I Been?

Living under a rug? I just saw a slide show of some gay celebrities that I did not know about. You might laugh but I never knew they were gay:

Will Geer - grandpa on the Waltons
Johnny Mathis - singer (My mom will be crushed)
Fannie Flagg - author Fried Green Tomatoes. I used to love watching her on Candid Camera!
Richard Deacon - actor (Dick Van Dyke, Leave it to Beaver)
Barbara Jordan - Tx Representative
Cesar Romero - joker on Batman series

Who are some celebrities that surprised you?


LL Cool Joe said...

I had no idea about Grandpa on the Waltons!

Rebecca said...

Grandpa is the one that surprised me too.
How about Patricia Cornwall, of the Scarpetta mysteries, she is a married lesbian.

Maria said...

You know, I must be the only lesbian on the planet that doesn't have gaydar, but I never thought that Rock Hudson could be gay. To this day, when I watch Doris Day/Rock movies, he seems so...so...into her.