Friday, June 12, 2009


Here is Tana, pronounced "Tanna", waiting on J's side of the bed for J to get home last night. Tana is from Lantana because that is the name of the first place J and I lived together (a dorm).
So far the dog is doing okay, but she hasn't pooped yet. I have walked and walked her, but she still won't. I am sure she will do it in the apartment sometime today when I am not looking. She hasn't really eaten and drank much, though, probably from nerves.
She has figured out that she can hide under the bed and that it is very difficult for us to get her out. I usually have to roll her on her side and slide her out that way. Didn't want to lie on the floor in my business suit this morning, so I put her in her crate before I got dressed.
I love the way she squats but still lifts her right hind leg when she tinkles. Maybe she is transgender? Now if I could only get her to avoid cracks and horizontal lines when walking like Jack Nicholson't dog did in As Good As It Gets we would be perfectly simpatico.
She is very stubborn and absolutely will not respond to the phrase "Come here." So you have to pretend that you don't want her near you, and then she comes. She doesn't like you to leave her in a room alone. Sometimes I sit at the computer and pretend I am typing, and she will come right up to me. Her foster mom told me she always sat in her lap while she was at the computer. Nice trick!
Last night, J and I were laying in bed. Apartment was pitch dark and the dog had no idea where she was supposed to be. I had put her dog bed with my t-shirt in it next to my side of the bed. You could hear her little tags jingling through the house. We heard some bumps upstairs,which is not unusual, and then a whining wooooooo sound. J said it was a dog. I said, "Well, it wasn't our dog." We heard it again. To me, it sounded like someone was in pain upstairs. But then came the third time we heard it - woooooooo - coming from our living room. J and I said together, "Yep, that's our dog!" I put her in her bed and hung my arm over the side, stroking her to sleep. She slept there the rest of the night.
Interview went really well today, I thought. Should hear something one way or the other after Monday they said. Please keep your fingers crossed for me. This would be a MAJOR step up in my career.


Haizey said...

Cute Puppy. Fingers crossed for your job. I hope you get the result you want.

Maria said...

Ah. I remember puppy training. I never want to it again...

Rebecca said...

Hope you hear on the interview soon, that will be a relief.
Tana looks like my neighbors dog, LOL. How cute!

Haizey said...

Any update re the interview, just wondering how you got on :)