Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday Before the Wedding

I just sat down and wrote out my vows, and I must tell you that it is EXTREMELY difficult to say about J what I want to express in a short amount of time. There is so much to tell her and tell the witnesses, but I had to remember that these are vows. It is not a biography of our lives and what she means to me. It is my promises to her. Sometimes I wish that we would have had the time to write the entire ceremony ourselves, but that just wasn't possible.

I was on the phone with my mom tonight, and she was talking about Herbert Hoover's granddaughter being on Bill O'Reilly's show. Okay, my mom watches Bill O'Reilly, so you all know what direction this is headed. She said that the lady was "a real liberal. She is in favor of gay marriage and crappy stuff like that, you know." Guess we know where Mom stands. Don't be shy, Mom. Say what you feel. Hmmm, that was directed at us. YA THINK????

I started writing a list tonight so I won't forget to pack anything. I am a last minute packer; I do better that way.

My assistant quit today, and another teacher quit on Monday. I believe the school is imploding.

Well, if I don't have any time to write tomorrow night, I will see you when I return, and I will post photos!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Before the Wedding

This morning I am in the shower, and J comes in to say goodbye before leaving for work. Here is the dialogue:

J: I'm leaving.
B: Okay.
J: What's wrong?
B: Nothing
J: Something's wrong.
B: No
J: Why are you crying?
B: I'm rehearsing the wedding vows.

Ha ha. I can't even think them in the shower without crying. Hmmmm. Maybe I should change them?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Am I Really A Lesbian?

1. Have you ever shaved your head?: no
2. Do you have hairy legs?: sometimes :o(
3. Have you ever changed your own oil?: no, but I've added some
4. Have you ever changed a tire?: yes, but only with help (remind me to tell you about the time J and I were out in the middle of nowhere and we had a flat)
5. Do you have a favorite football team? no, but I watch the Texans lose on a regular basis
6. Do you own boys jeans? no
7. Do you wear boxers?: no, ha ha
8. Have you ever owned a rodent/reptile?: yes, gerbils and an iguana
9. Have you ever owned a truck, SUV or a Subaru?: I guess the current Saturn Vue would count
10. Do you wear sports bras?: I did until about 8 months ago
11. Do you go by your last name?: no
12. Do you prefer beer?: yuck, no
13. Have you played sports since high school?: yes
14. Do you carry a wallet?: nope
15. Have you ever watched the L word or queer as folk?: nope
16. Have you ever watched Sunday football?: yes, love it
17. Do you wear baseball hats?: not right now
18. Do you chug beer for fun? no, see above
19. Do you prefer straight shots over girly (mixed) shots? only if I'm freezing
20. Do you hate George Bush/ Republicans? starting to
21. Do you like Ani Difranco?: okay, shoot me. I have no clue who this is.
22. Have you been to Lilith Fair? no
23. Have you ever punched, or wrestled with a friend for fun? no
24. Have you ever worn a strap on? no
25. Is your watch wider than a half inch? Don't have a watch anymore
26. Do you wear shorts that hang below your knees? lol, no
27. Do you own a fleece vest?: no
28. Do you own a motorcycle?: no, but i wish i did!
29. Ever dressed in drag? no
30. Do you play video games?: yes
31. Do you have a tattoo that matches a girl you dated, or says her name?: no
32. Ever moved in with someone within the first month of dating?: no
33. Ever said you loved someone you were dating within the first month of dating?: no
34. Do you wear cologne? no
35. Do you wear men's deodorant?: no
36. Do you listen to Melissa Etheridge?: yes
37. Do you have gauged ears?: no
38. Do you have tattoos on your arms?: no
39. Have you ever worn a tie?: no
40. Do you own GIA?: okay, shoot me again, no clue what this is.
41. Do you own Better Than Chocolate? no
42. Do you have a star tattoo?: read my lips -- no tattoos!
43. Do you have a rainbow tattoo?: what, are you deaf?
44. Have you ever made out with a roommate or best friend?: yes
45. Do you wear wife beaters?: don't know what this is. If I'm a lesbian, I must be a stupid one.
46. Have you ever taken a women's studies class?: no
47. Do you wear men's button up shirts?: no
48. Have you ever asked a stranger their sign?: no
49. Have you ever used a sex toy on someone else?: yes
50. Do you wear tennis shoes or skate shoes regularly?: yes

I'm pretty sure I flunked this test!

Prelude to a Flight

Sorry. Looks like my double spacing isn't working again. :o(
Okay, do you guys know how badly I hate flying? I always said that I would rather do anything else, and I do mean ANYTHING. Today I came close to changing my mind. J ran her car through an express car wash, and I about came unglued. They put you on some kind of a conveyor belt thingy, and away you go, like it or not. All this water, and soap, and long, stringy things are coming at you, slapping against all the windows. I felt like I was being devoured by a giant, angry, wet mop. All I could think of was, "Get me out of here! I need air!" The picture above is tame compared to what we went through. And they charge $13 for this? Luckily, we had a free coupon. Before we were out of the chute, I was trying to roll the window down. J was laughing her butt off. The only thing that saved me was that I was squeezing between my index finger and thumb what J would call my "rubber booger." Seriously. Okay, you had to have been there. We were at Best Buy today, and I was trying to use a Visa gift card. When I opened it, there was some glue on the back of the card that I scraped off and played with for the next hour or so. Not something I'm proud of, but it calmed me down. I still have it in the pocket of my jacket in case I need it Friday night on the flight. And don't think I won't use it, either!
Hey, I got a cool, PURPLE Kodak camera today (my favorite color); so, hopefully, I can start posting photos on the blog. Got to learn how to use it. Just realized, the stupid salesperson didn't sell me any batteries for it. Ugh! How can I learn how to use it if I can't turn it on?
You all know how much I HATE Sundays, but the good thing about this weekend was that my father was very talkative last night. He is not happy with my ex right now, so that puts me in a better light, I guess. He asked lots of questions about the Vegas trip and told me to have a good time and to not think about stuff while I was there. That really made me feel good. I felt so bad because I could not answer his basic questions: "Where are you going to park your car? You're not going to park it close to the airport; are you? That will be expensive." "Who's car are you taking?" "How much did the show cost?" "What, are you getting some kind of package deal?" I felt so bad that today I e-mailed him a tentative itinerary, leaving out the ceremony on Sunday, of course.
My favorite question this weekend about the trip was from my grandmother -- "What is this, some kind of club or something?" ROFL No, grandma, just the two of us going are members of this club. LOL
I am reading a book on Lesbian commitment ceremonies to see if there is anything in there that J and I can incorporate into ours, wording, ritual, etc. I told J the one thing I definitely do not want to have done is to have our genitals blessed with oil. I think that is going a bit too far. Hey, if that's what you did at yours, more power to ya. It is just so not us. Ha ha.
You might laugh, but I have asked J several times to practice kissing me like she is going to do at the ceremony. I don't want a peck on the cheek, but I don't want a full making out session, either. We have kissed in front of others maybe once or twice. J isn't into PDAs anyway, and I don't like surprises. Now if I could just get her to rehearse the wedding night... sigh.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

***DISCLAIMER*** This was written under the influence of Ambien. The letters were moving, and now the whole page is moving.
One week from tomorrow at 4:30 p.m., J and I will have our commitment ceremony. We are just now starting to work on vows (lol). Seriously, I was afraid that if I started too soon, I would be talking too long. I have an incredible talent for memorizing pages and pages of writing thanks to my old days in Rainbow Girls. (Oh, don't throw things at me. I was under 13; I was naive) We picked Endless Love to walk down the aisle. J wants to wait at the end of the aisle for me. On the way out we will walk out slowly to You're My Everything. The ceremony will be at the Flamingo Hotel where we will be seeing Osmonds perform Saturday night.
J's pants are being hemmed up as we speak. Weren't able to get my ring re-sized, but, yes, it WILL fit if given a big push... I will be wearing a hidden wedding garter for the "groom" to find and remove with her teeth. My rose fell off my garter, so I have to go hunt down a hot glue gun to stick it back on. Our rings are beautiful -- they are on a below post, as well as her pants and vest. My two, old, tight rings finally came off after drinking no sodas last Saturday and taking a diurectic and spinning them around with soap in the shower. After the ceremony, our friends have graciously given us some alone time to eat dinner together, whereas, I would just like to checkout the hopefully empty hot tub, so we could jump start the honeymoon.
Tomorrow we are going back to the Methodist Church we visited a couple of weeks ago. The words "Christ", "Jesus", "gay", "lesbian", "heterosexual", they were all used together in context without a problem.In one family, two woman partners and two male partners are raising one child. Man, will he ever be loved. The minister is a straight, married male, and I think that was a good move on their part. Not sure about the orientation of the other minister. He wears a rainbow-colored shawl.
After church, maybe we will relax some. It has been a rough week, with J's mom not feeling well, and my stupid symptoms finally went away after Tuesday when the divorce was final.
Our hair was cut today, and I admit it, mine was highlighted over the few gray hairs I have. Then I went and had my nails and toenails done. Will keep you up-to-date on experiences in Las Vegas. Hopefully, I will getting a new camera so I can download pics.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Elementary School Memory Challenge

How many of you remember elementary school? I would like to challenge everyone to write one or two memories from each year you were there.

I teach Kindergarten and first grade. Sometimes I want to say to myself, "These kids aren't going to remember this anyway." But that's not true. I still remember my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Durhaps, and when we churned butter. If someone were to play her in a movie, it would be Sally Field.

I remember my first day of first grade, when we practiced writing capital "M." Once, I was almost spanked. I remember being in line in the hall to get spanked. I can't imagine what I had done; I was perfect. LOL One kid would go in the room, get spanked, cry, and then the line would move. Next kid would go in. For some unknown reason, when it came to my turn, the teacher did not spank me, and I never asked why, and I was never in the spanking line again. Also, in first grade, I was given whale meat to eat. It was served on a paper towel. Came in a can, like tuna. Some of it got on my desk, and I swore to my mother all year that my desk still smelled of whale meat. Sometimes even today, I can still smell it. Also, in first grade, I was in the slow reading group, until they found out that I needed glasses, and, wow, then I could read fast! If someone were to play Mrs. Armbrister, it would be a heavy Estelle Getty.

Second grade - Sitting under a tree, listening to Mrs. Reagan read "Charlotte's Web", which I happen to be reading to my class right now. Man, she was old even back then, and she lived a lot longer. There is no actress alive who could play her, she was that old. Also, she was a World Book Encyclopedia salesperson, and I remember being horrified when she showed up at my house and sold my parents a set of encyclopedias. I have to thank her, though. We used those encyclopedias for years and years. They were a great investment back then.

Third grade - there was a boy in my class who was a dead ringer for John F. Kennedy, Jr. That year was an absolute joke. I got sent to the principal's office (me and the boy) because there was a dog on school property. The girls tried to put it into the girls' bathroom because they thought it was a girl ( I know, how naive); the boys were tugging at it, trying to get it into the boys' bathroom because they said it was a boy. Somehow in all the tug-of-war between lots of girls and boys, a girl's head hit a post, and he and I were blamed. Just the two of us were sent to the principal, and when we got there, she told us to march back to class, that our teacher shouldn't be sending us there for something like that. If someone would play her, Mrs. Mayfield, it would be Jean Stapleton as Edith Bunker. She was a dingbat.

Fourth grade - moved to a new house and school. It was rough. The first "C" I ever made in my life, in science. Man, was I ever in big trouble with my dad. Supposedly, I was accelerated, so my teacher let me go to a third grade class downstairs and read to the kids. I think she was just trying to give my self-esteem a boost, because let me tell you, that was the year that I started feeling really bad about myself. Also, that year, I had to write 100 times, "I will not play on the pile of sand while my teacher is away."

Fifth grade - that was the year we started "switching classes" for math, social studies, and reading, so I actually had four teachers. Our school received a microscope that would project on the wall, and one of my teachers was in charge of that machine. I got really tired of looking at amoebas and parameciums (sp?). Also, that year we studied the Tasaday cave people in the Phillipines. I was obsessed with them. National Geographic did a HUGE campaign about them. Now, I am sad to say, the Tasaday were a total hoax. Google them if you want to learn more about it. Very interesting. If someone were to play my homeroom teacher, it would have to be someone classy; she always wore business suits and heels.

And, finally, sixth grade - Mr. Jones. Hmmm, he thought that me and this girl named Shelly were the smartest in the class and made us enter the spelling bee. Instead of playing outside, we had to study every day. Shelly was a Jehovah's Witness and would not pledge to the flag. She was teased a lot for that. I was her only friend. It was also in this class that I started my cycle. How embarrassing, to start your period in a man's class; but teaching sixth grade, I guess he was used to that. LOL If someone were to play him, it would be Morgan Freeman.

So I really can remember my elementary years, and I think a lot of my students will, too. I try to make each day of school fun and worth getting up for. Who would play me in a movie? Haha. Don't tell me; I don't want to know.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day started at midnight when I got up to put the roast on. Got up again at 8:00 to put potatoes and carrots in. J left around 9:30, and I fell back to sleep around 10:00 and sleep until noonish!
J came back home to a wonderful smelling roast and something behind her back. A card and pearl earrings for me to wear at the ceremony! She told me we weren't getting Valentine's presents for each other. Good thing I had gone out last night and bought her Horton Hears a Who. I had bought the card weeks ago.
We have been lazy all day and listening to our neighbors upstairs again. I wish they would move out!
Tomorrow we are going to check out another church (Metropolitan), and then J is taking me to a movie and dinner. I say "J is taking me," because she is always doing the taking. I like that about her, but sometimes I want to do it.
I am off soda for the weekend (long story), and I am beginning to get a caffeine-withdrawal headache. Just sent in my resume to an awesome ad for an office manager/admin assistant. Pray I get an interview!!!! I am sooo ready for a change!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

My heart has been healed. I will be with my love this Valentine's Day for the first time in 23 years. I am soooo excited! At midnight, I am putting a roast in the crockpot. Hopefully, we can spend a lazy afternoon together.

I am sad because I will not see my girls AGAIN, but even if I was there, they are both during their own thing, so I wouldn't see them that much anyway. Have to make this short, but I hope that this Valentine's Day finds you with the one you love.

To my true Valentine: <3

Sweetheart, I love you with all my heart. Nothing makes my heart as happy as when I wake up next to you each morning. You are my angel.



Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Candy Heart

Your Candy Heart Says "Hug Me"

A total sweetheart, you always have a lot of love to give out.

Yes, I have a lot of love to give.

Your heart is open to where ever love takes you!

True again!

Your ideal Valentine's Day date: a surprise romantic evening that you've planned out

Yep, I'm still planning!

Your flirting style: lots of listening and talking

Hmmm, not sure I agree with this. I like a lot of staring.

What turns you off: fighting and conflict

Again, that is totally me.

Why you're hot: you're fearless about falling in love

Not sure I agree with this one, either.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

What Does Your Home Say About You?

Your Home Says That You Feel Settled and Calm

You don't come across as very intellectual or serious. You seem like a bit of a goofball.

Okay, I know I'm not super smart, but once I scored a 153 on my IQ test. On second thought, I am sometimes too serious and can appear to be a goofball if I am with the right person.

Your hygiene is passable, but you may be hiding some dirty secrets.

Well, the first part is an insult, and the second one -- don't we all?

You are a fairly domestic person. You can probably make a decent batch of home cooked cookies.

Yes, I can be domestic if I have time. Homemade cookies? Probably not. I could do it, but then I'd have to eat them, and that is so not going to happen. I am known for making wonderful homemade bread, though (like that is any better for me than cookies).

You are not a very nurturing person. You have enough trouble taking care of yourself.

Okay, this one really makes me mad. I feel that I am quite a nurturing person. I CAN take care of myself, but I prefer for someone to take care of me. Does that make me lazy? Probably, but more than anything, that makes me feel plain special. Again, I can nurture someone if it is the right person, but I am not going to spend my time nurturing you if you have an attitude problem.

You feel settled in your life. You have enough time to focus on little details.

Settled, no, but on my way. I am just now starting to focus on the little details. I doubt I will ever be able to tell you what the temperature of the day was (even though my cell phone tells me every morning) or what J was wearing when she left for work. BUT I can tell you what kind of mood she was in and if she kissed me goodbye.

You are a very self sufficient person. You can get along well without much help.

Hmmmm, not at this time, but I'm working on it. I hope there never comes a time when I am alone. See above regarding "nurturing."

Your friends see you as honest, humble, and responsible.

Yes, I would agree with this. I mean, how much more honest can one be than I was on October 10th? Humble and responsible, yes, I think so.


Well, today we attended another church, and I really liked it. BUT what I did not expect was that they were going to do communion and I was going to get all stupid weepy-eyed over it. J asked me why I didn't want to take communion, i.e. why I was crying, and I told her because the elders of my church said I was not to take it anymore. I felt like I was doing something wrong, but I think now, looking back, that I was actually crying because I was angry. Angry because I let them get to me. But even more than that, as I looked around this absolutely BEAUTIFUL sanctuary, seeing some gay couples with their arms around one another, singing hymns, praying, listening to the choir or pipe organ (yes, my father would be proud), I suddenly got very angry that I had been missing out on all of this for the past three years. That I was emotionally "pushed out" of my church years ago because of my beliefs and because of whom I loved. I mean, I could have been listening to sermons, reading the Bible, singing praises, praying, and all of that for THREE years. And for many more years that I can't even remember, I have felt left out and unloved in the church. And how much better my life would have been. I would not have felt that I needed to deaden the pain with alcohol or pills or by hurting myself in countless ways that I will skip for this blog. Imagine it, I have probably tried it.

Well, today we tried in vain again to find the off-white slip, blouse, garter, and shoes. To no avail. I am NOT going to freak out about it. I know it will come together. And like J said, in about a month or so, when everyone is getting their Easter outfits together, there will be off-white blouses and shoes in abundance. That's what really gets my goat.

I have CPR training this Wednesday night. Can't wait, ha ha. It really is useful, though. I saved a kid from choking on a peanut butter sandwich once. It was the week after training, and I can't believe how calm I was. It just popped right out on the first try.

I cheated yesterday and wore the ring all day and all night. I didn't wear it to church because I didn't want people to think that I was married and J wasn't. It is extremely important to me that people know that we are a couple. Two men in front of us had matching rings on. I love the idea of matching rings!

J printed our invitations yesterday and we started addressing them tonight. Gentle reminder, honey, to have your pants hemmed up.

Well, our Sunday is almost over, and you know how much I loathe Sunday evenings. I look forward to the Sundays when I don't get emotional. I am going to go spend some time with J before it gets too late. I never take for granted the time I spend with her, never.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

So Much To Do

I shouldn't be sitting here; I should be cleaning. We have company coming. I just wanted to say this "outloud" to get it off my chest, and then I will log off. There isn't really THAT much left to do before March 1st. BUT the things we have to do aren't getting done. Try finding off-white shoes, an off-white blouse, an off-white slip, and a garter with off-white -- I repeat OFF-white -- in February. It seems impossible.

J and I played hooky again yesterday and tried to get some of this shopping done. We had no luck. I did find a pair of off-white shoes that I know will rub a blister on my heel so I didn't buy them. May have to go back. I mean, it's better to have blisters than not wear shoes at all, right? Mmmmm, maybe Julia Roberts had it right. Can't see me walking around the Flamingo barefoot, though. There is no compromising on the blouse or slip. I guess I could cheat on the garter.

Off to dust, vaccum, mop, etc. Then to the hospital to visit L after her surgery. YOU GO, GIRL! Hope you liked the flowers (They were J's idea, as always. She is sooo thoughtful.) Oh, and tomorrow night I will be going to see my 15-yr-old in a dance showcase, so I probably will not post again until Saturday. TGIF, y'all.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Communication and Thoughts

You Communicate With Your Body

This isn't as bad as it sounds, it just means that you're a "touchy-feely" person.

You need a lot of affection in your life. And for you, this means both giving and receiving little touches.

Warm hearted, you bond with people easily. In fact, you often feel a little sad when you're not in the company of others.

A little moody, you tend to be controlled by your emotions. But a bit hug always comforts you!

I would agree with most of what is said about me here, except for the bonding with people easily! J can usually tell by my body language how I am feeling when she walks in the door. BUT she can also tell just by the sound of my voice on the phone. I really don't try to hide my discontent from her because it is useless. She will figure it out when she gets home anyway.
Lately, I have been very down because of the divorce, the girls, my job, on and on and on. I hate that because I have SO MUCH to be thankful for and to look forward to. Sometimes I wonder if I will really ever enjoy my life. It seems like I am constantly looking over my shoulder to see if someone from my past is going to see me. I am not embarrassed about being in love with J, but I AM embarrassed that I left the girls because I KNOW people do not understand. They do not know what I have been through, put my family through, how hard I really did try. All they see is that I left the kids.
I saw my grandma on Saturday, and she said, "You know, tomorrow I am going to tell M about you." That is a friend of mine from a church long ago. And she said, "And you know that once M knows, everybody is going to find out." What could I say, "Don't tell her?" I want people to know. I don't want to lie to anyone; that was the whole point in leaving. BUT if you do not know my background with J (hopefully, you have read our blog from the first day forward), then you cannot appreciate what I did and take it for what it truly means: It set me free; it set my ex free; it set my kids free. Free for everyone to be who they truly are, say what they truly feel, stop wondering what is wrong with each of us. We were all in bondage. The tension that was ALWAYS there, the fear of not knowing what the problem was or what to do about it, that is completely gone. The mindless drinking, the pretending games, the walking on eggshells, all gone. The hurt is here, it is absolutely real, BUT it makes sense. There is no question of "why" it hurts, "where" it is coming from. All of those questions are gone. And it is liberating, let me tell you. I did not move out to live a "deviant" lifestyle, to fool around. I am in a solid, loving relationship that should never have ended over 20 years ago. J and I cannot go back, but we are trying desperately to make up for the past, to do things together that we should have done all those years. Sometimes I feel like I am trying to fit 23 years into a week; it just isn't happening. I feel like we are so much older, that there is so little time for us to do what we want to do. And then in the same breath I feel like we have our whole lives ahead of us, that we are only beginning; when, actually, we are simply picking up from where we left off. There were no surprises. The first day we talked on the phone for the first time after so long, I knew. J said, "I can't believe I'm talking to you." I texted her that week and said, "I wish we could get back together." And she replied, "When the time is right." NEVER in my wildest dreams did I think that we would get back together, much less within the next six months. And when I got to see her for the first time, man, she had two red roses behind her back. "One for the past, one for the future." Didn't I tell you she was romantic? Talking about being swept off my feet. We spent about eight hours together, and it wasn't like about 10 years ago, when everything was tense feeling, "Oh, we really shouldn't be seeing each other" kind of feeling. It was sublime, is the only way to describe it. Perfect.
The rings came today! J let me wear mine for a little while. I did not want to take it off my finger. To see the ring on her finger when she tried it on for size, wow, that was an amazing feeling! Maybe it is not going to be legal, but it might as well be. I am so in love with this woman that it scares me sometimes. Thanks to all of you who allow me to express my love for her here. I knew her before you did Ha ha! (Except for J's sis)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Speaking of Inventions...

You will laugh your BUTT off! Haha!


I guess you youngsters don't remember these machines that were supposed to tighten your flab. Every Friday night, my mom, grandmother, and I would head to Slenderbolic, a health club in Houston. I used to watch them on these machines. LOL They even let me try. If I were to do this today, I KNOW I would pee in my pants.

Another place we used to go was Lohmanns clothing store. What I remember about Lohmanns is that there were no doors in the dressing room. Everyone tried clothes on in a huge room. Man, I always hated that. The dresses my mom bought there were beautiful, though.

Ever hear of Pipe Organ Pizza? That is another piece of nostalgia I remember, although on not such a regular basis, and it came later anyway. I hear they still have restaurants like these in some parts of the US. Give my dad a pizza, a beer on tap, and a pipe organ, and he would be happy for days afterward.

Wow, if I could only come up with something unique to make a buck on, that would be great. The girl who invented Makin Bacon was around nine years old. How cool is that? To me, it's one of the finest inventions ever! No grease on your bacon, easy to clean. Don't have one anymore, but when I see one, I'm buying it. And what ab out the woman who invented the Topsy Tail? Now, THAT was a GREAT invention in my book. My daughter's hair was almost hip-level. I could make soooo many hairstyles in five minutes or less. The possibilities were endless. The lady made millions! I made a prototype a few years ago that ya'll will probably think is stupid. See, everytime I tried to put chips in a sandwich bag, some of the chips would fall out of the bag onto the counter. Plus, I'd have to hold the baggie open with one hand and the entire chip bag in the other. Since I am a klutz by nature, it was not a good combination for me. So I made a contraption with a cup. You put the baggie inside the cup with the the outside of the baggie folded over the rim of the cup. It is much easier to aim the chips, and very few, if any, fall out. It could be used for any snack, really, that you would put in a lunch. Peanuts, raisins, etc. Anyway, I never did name my invention. Haha!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

J's Wedding Apparel!

Here is what J is wearing to the ceremony! She will have an off-white blouse instead of white. Isn't she going to look GREAT!!!! My dress is off-white with tiny pearls, about tea-length. Wish I could find a pic of it, but I can't.

Sunday Quiz

What Your Taste in Music Says About You

Your musical tastes are upbeat and conventional.

You are an easy going, optimistic person.

Family and friends are very important to you.

You enjoy caring for and helping other people.

You thrive in a tranquil environment, and you do your best to keep things peaceful.

You enjoy your life. You have your priorities straight.