Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Blue Lagoon

Everyone has a "song"; so do we, several. But we also have a "movie" -- The Blue Lagoon. There is some confusion about when we saw it, my last year in high school or hers, but I do remember the evening. We saw it at the Galleria in Houston, and I still remember walking in the mall together afterward thinking, "Wow." Not because it was such a good movie; in fact, it was not. But it was our life as we saw it.
So much so that in college, we would go to the local video store on a regular basis and rent not only the movie, but the VHS player, as well. Video players had just come out, and we thought we were hot stuff renting one. I bet our rental account looked hysterical -- The Blue Lagoon, The Blue Lagoon, The Blue Lagoon, The Blue Lagoon. We would have a picnic on the floor of our living room and watch the movie, sometimes a couple of times in a row. Half the time, we would just listen to the words as we looked into each other's eyes. We had the entire script and dialogue memorized. It may sound goofy now, but it was pretty serious to us. We eventually got the soundtrack and knew exactly which scene went with each piece of music. Years later, when my family would go out of town or I was "single", I would rent the movie and watch it several times over the weekend and just cry and cry. I missed J so much and wanted to be back on "that island" with her again so badly.
In those days, J and I would also shy away from any discussion about which character she was and which character I was. We both knew; we just knew. Our relationship was so much like Richard and Emmaline's, so innocent. Our love just literally snuck up on us. And the one scene that is exactly the same as in real life is the line where HE says, "My stomach feels funny," and SHE says, "Mine, too." Man, there are deep, emotional feelings in hearing those words, like a kick in the gut. And it wasn't even sexual to me; it was love, fear, excitement, curiosity, and amazement all rolled into one. It was, "My God, can this really be happening?"
I envied Emmaline so much, being alone on the island with her soulmate, isolated from everyone (which, if you look at it one way, J and I were already on an island of our own). I DEFINITELY envied her when she had the baby. I wanted J and I to have a baby so badly. I used to dream about being in labor and J holding my hand, telling me, "You can do it!" In the movie, you knew that if they ever got back to civilization, that they would never be accepted. You knew that they would be seen as "wrong."
And I always cry in the end because I always literally "feel" the part of Emmaline in the boat, not wanting to go on in life if she has to live without him. Part of me wants them to die (pardon me if I'm giving away the ending, but I think if you were going to see it, you would have already seen it in the past 20 years) in the end because I couldn't see one living without the other, and I wouldn't want them to go through life being scrutinized by those who didn't understand.
So if you're up for a cheesy movie, and you want to see some beautiful scenery (the music is beautiful, too), rent The Blue Lagoon. But don't put yourselves there on that island! WE CLAIM IT!!! LOL
By the way, speaking of wanting to have babies, congratulations to Jesse and Greta on the birth of Holland Patrick!!! He wasn't one bit late afterall! I know they will post a birth story soon, and you know how some of us ladies LOVE to hear birth stories, no matter how graphic they are!

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